china price 1.6kw Motor Side Channel Blower/Vacuum Pump manufacturers

Merchandise Description

1&period6KW  motor  side channel blower&solvacuum pump description&colon
one&time period A single Air Blower with a single Carton or with wooden case
2&interval Inside of 7 days after get the CZPT payment
3&periodFamous Brand &lparOEM Allowed&rpar
five&periodGerman technological innovation
six&periodEx stock
seven&period Beautiful surface 
eight&period Easy installation 
nine&period Low noise level 
10&period No vibration&comma and therefore complete dynamic stability 
11&period Minimal maintenance 
12&period Higher pressure ratio 
13&period Cooler running bearings 
14&period Longer grease life 
fifteen&period Simple maintenance 
16&period 100&percnt oil-free air 
seventeen&period Suitable for environmental protection 

NSK bearing  Aspect Channel vacuum pump 
Outfitted with reduction valve & filter
Variable frequency generate
Pump casing&comma impeller die-casting molding&comma sturdiness and toughness&commaexcellent heat dissipation&interval
Aluminium body Sturdy nevertheless light-weight-fat Facet Channel Blower
fifty&sol60 Hz vast voltage assortment motors
compact measurement for building into devices
corrosion-evidence aluminium Facet Channel Blower
characteristic noise-dampers as regular&comma for reduced noise amounts
common pipe relationship at inlet and outlet
versatile use for force and vacuum
Rigorous mechanical and electrical overall performance test&interval

MODEL &lpar3phase&rpar one&soldouble frequency energy voltage current Max airflow rated  Vacuum rated  compress noises Bodyweight
stage HZ KW V A m3&solh mbar mbar dB&lparA&rpar Kg
2PB 420 H36 double 50 1&period6 200-240Δ 345-415Y 7&period5Δ&sol4&period3Y 150 -280 280 sixty six 25
sixty two&period05 220-275Δ 380-480Y seven&period6Δ&sol4&period4Y 180 -320 310 69
2PB 420 H46 double fifty two&period2 two hundred-240Δ 345-415Y 9&period7Δ&sol5&period6Y 150 -330 420 66 27
sixty 2&period55 220-275Δ 380-480Y 10Δ&sol5&period8Y 180 -350 440 69
2PB 430 H06 single fifty &period7 two hundred-240Δ 345-415Y 3&period8Δ&sol2&period2Y one hundred eighty -70 70 sixty four 14
60 &period83 220-275Δ 380-480Y three&period8Δ&sol2&period2Y 210 -50 fifty sixty five
2PB 430 H16 single fifty &period85 200-240Δ 345-415Y 4&period2Δ&sol2&period4Y one hundred eighty -110 a hundred 64 17
sixty &period95 220-275Δ 380-480Y 4&period0Δ&sol2&period3Y 210 -90 70 65
2PB 430 H26 single 50 1&period3 two hundred-240Δ 345-415Y 6&period6Δ&sol3&period8Y a hundred and eighty -180 one hundred eighty 64 18
sixty one&period5 220-275Δ 380-480Y six&period9Δ&sol4&period0Y 210 -a hundred and eighty one hundred seventy 65
2PB 490 H16 single fifty &period7 two hundred-240Δ 345-415Y two&period5Δ&sol1&period4Y a hundred and forty -one hundred twenty a hundred and twenty 63 14
60 &period83 220-275Δ 380-480Y 2&period7Δ&sol1&period6Y 175 -140 140 64
2PB 510 H06 single fifty &period85 200-240Δ 345-415Y four&period2Δ&sol2&period3Y 210 -a hundred and ten 100 sixty four 20
sixty &period95 220-275Δ 380-480Y 4&period0Δ&sol2&period3Y 255 -eighty 70 70
2PB 510 H16 single 50 one&period3 200-240Δ 345-415Y six&period6Δ&sol3&period8Y 210 -a hundred and seventy a hundred and seventy 64 22
60 1&period5 220-275Δ 380-480Y 6&period9Δ&sol4&period0Y 255 -one hundred fifty 140 70
2PB 510 H26 single fifty one&period6 200-240Δ 345-415Y 7&period5Δ&sol4&period3Y 210 -two hundred 190 sixty four 23
sixty two&period05 220-275Δ 380-480Y seven&period6Δ&sol4&period4Y 255 -220 210 70
2PB 510 H36 single 50 two&period2 two hundred-240Δ 345-415Y nine&period7Δ&sol5&period6Y 210 -220 270 64 26
60 2&period55 220-275Δ 380-480Y 10&period3Δ&sol6&period0Y 255 -260 290 70
2PB 520 H36 double 50 two&period2 200-240Δ 345-415Y 9&period7Δ&sol5&period6Y 230 -290 360 72 35
sixty 2&period55 220-275Δ 380-480Y ten&period3Δ&sol6&period0Y 275 -350 330 74
2PB 520 H46 double fifty 3 200-240Δ 345-415Y twelve&period5Δ&sol7&period2Y 230 -340 410 seventy two 39
60 three&period45 220-275Δ 380-480Y twelve&period6Δ&sol7&period3Y 275 -380 360 seventy four
2PB 520 H57 double fifty 4 345-415Δ 600-720Y 10Δ&sol5&period8Y 230 -390 490 seventy two 44
60 four&period6 380-480Δ 660-720Y 9&period9Δ&sol5&period71Y 275 -410 480 74
2PB 530 H06 single 50 &period85 345-415Δ 600-720Y four&period0Δ2&period3Y 270 -40 40 sixty five 21
sixty &period95 380-480Δ 660-720Y four&period2Δ&sol2&period4Y 330 -40 40 seventy one


Diaphragm oil-free pumps for glass, stainless steel, and plastic dryers. The hydrophobic PTFE in-line filter membrane is in area and consists of particles bigger than .1 microns. The pump functions 1/8 HP, highest pressure of fifty PSI, and a optimum temperature of 38°C to stop fluid and air contamination, as well as exhaust backup. The pump attributes oil-free procedure, rugged building, simple hose connections, and a maximum ongoing stress of 50 PSIG. Characteristics Vacuum pump guards in opposition to all fluid and air contamination Can be utilised to stop hazardous exhaust backup Oil-cost-free procedure Rugged construction/lower upkeep 50 PSIG highest ongoing pressure
china price 1.6kw Motor Aspect Channel Blower/Vacuum Pump makers