Zdg Dg Type Boiler Feed Water Mulitstage Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

Zdg Dg Type Boiler Feed Water Mulitstage Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

Pump Name: Feed Water Pump

 Feature : 

  1. High pressure boiler feed pumps
  2. Pumping high pressure clean water

Solution Description: 

Feed H2o Pump are used for feeding high pressure boiler or pumping high pressure clean water. The temperature of pumped media is not more than 210C.


Fire h2o offer, substantial-increase drinking water supply, industrial drinking water supply, mine water provide and drainage.

Efficiency and attributes:

Higher elevate, reduced strength usage, dependable efficiency.The areas are interchangeable and easy to use.The item specification full, the protection is extensive, convenient to buy.

Performance Range :

  • Range of capacity: 32 to 620 m3/h 
  • Range of total head: 550 to 2150m

Structure Feature:

  • Shaft sealing:The shafts of these pumps are sealed by gentle-packing and cooling drinking water mechanical seal can be used according to client’s demands.
  • Bearings and axial balancing device:The rotating assembly is supported by sliding bearings on each finishes of the pump. Bearings of pump are forcedlubricated. The oil method is equipped for variety DG pump. The axial thrust of rotores is balanced by harmony disc and the thrust bearing is also provided which is utilised to bear residual axial force brought on by the modify of operating problems. 
  • CZPT: The pump is immediately pushed by the motor by means of the flexible coupling. The gear coupling, membrane coupling and hydraulic coupling can be employed in accordance to client’s needs. The pump can be driven by turbine or motor.The rotating course of pumps are clockwise when viewed from the driving stop.
  • Substance: Suction casing, discharge casing, diffuser, and impeller: carbon metal or chrome steel Shaft, wear ring, diffuser bush: chrome vanadium metal or chrome metal,  DG CHT CHTA CHTC drinking water sump pump methods boiler feed drinking water pump

Framework of Feed Water Pump:

Shipping Packing :
More CZPT photograph:

Organization Image:

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Zdg Dg Type Boiler Feed Water Mulitstage Horizontal Centrifugal Pump