Usun Model: 2gbd Double Acting, Double Driven Pneumatic Gas Pressure Booster Pump for Faster Refilling

Usun Model: 2gbd Double Acting, Double Driven Pneumatic Gas Pressure Booster Pump for Faster Refilling

 CZPT Product :2GBD   160MM driven  double motion ,double pushed pneumatic driven fuel force booster pump for quicker refilling  


CZPT air driven fuel booster  pumps are ratio products that employ minimal stress compressed


air driving a bigger diameter piston (area x pressure) which is linearly related to a more compact


hydraulic piston/plunger. Making use of this ratio principal, a greater hydraulic force can be generated.


CZPT Pump model numbers replicate the pumps nominal stress ratio, although the complex data 


indicates specific ratios.  The outlet stall stress is effortless to set by adjusting the air push stress


by way of a simple air pressure regulator. By multiplying the stress ratio by the accessible store


air pressure, the nominal gas  stress can be calculated.


Instance ( Pump Product: 2GBD60 Gas booster pump)


Air push piston region ( 160mm Ø)


CZPT plunger region ( 28mm Ø)


Actual ratio = 65:one


 1.  AIR Push Area


The air drive area consists of a gentle fat piston full with seals operating inside an


aluminum barrel. The diameter of the air piston is 160mm. When compressed air is provided to


the pump the air pushes the air piston down on a compression stroke


(forces as out of the gasoline finish).


 Under the control of pilot pins (poppet valve) brought on at each and every stop of the stroke


two. GAS  Pushed Area

The gas section of a CZPT air driven gas booster consisit of 4 main pieces  


,the gas barrel  ,the piston the check valves  and the main high pressure seals  .


The gaspiston is directly linked to the air piston and it is housedinside the gas barrel 


and its movements up and down creates the gas flow into and out of the booster through


 the check valves . The check valves are psring loaded and on the suction stroke .the inlet examine valve


opens to the greatest enabling fuel into the fuel barrel and on the compression stroke


the inlet examine valve closes the discharge verify valve opens forcing the pumped fuel


 into the method  .The main high pressure seals is located on the gas piston and they seal agaist

 the gas barrel during operation . and the maximum pressures of the pump ,however the


CZPT PTFE seals are appropriate for equally the extensive majority of gases encountered .


Other materials of construction  can be supplied to meet more aggresive services  


.The CZPT  serials of booster are not suitable for underground coal mine applications  .


CZPT DO CZPT models of  air driven gasoline boosters  that are not suitable for underground

coal mine applications .

CZPT Air pushed fuel boosters cycle immediately  as the outlet stress increass the


resistance also increases and the cycle rate decreases until the pump stops automatically 


when the out put pressure forces are equal .This is refered to as the stall condition  .


The pump will restart with a slight drop in the outllet pressure or an increase in the  air driven pressure 

Booster performance can be affected by a number of conditions ,


such as freezing of the exhaust muffler   or pilot valves ( Which is caused by moisture in


 air lines  ),inadequate  inlet air line sizes and dirty filers .When  operating the boosters 


on a contunuous basis  ,we recommend you use a maximum cycle rate of 50-60 cycles per minute .


This will both  increase service intervals  and assist in preventing ice forming at the exhaust  .


An air supply dryer will also assist in reducing icing up  .


CZPT Gas boosters have a 120mm stroke thus reducing cycle rates at any given flow 


and pressure as compared with most other brands  . This lower repsective cycle rate res


ults in a reduction in freeze-up  condition  .


To abtain best overall performance  ,do not reduce the indicated port size and consult

CZPT for flow conditions not shown in charts   

Design variety for gasoline booster  

 It is very important to remember that the performance of any air driven device is very dependent 

on the air supply conditions .Restrictions in the air supply can be caused by using a too small air compressor or 

airlines  .The FLOW CHARTS SHOWN in the technical data sheet are based on good conditions  .

 so please do not “design  to the line ”  allow for losses and inefficiencies  

The following query is wheather you want the booster to stall when an outlet stress is reached 

If so ,a simple airline stress regulator will suffice ,but bear in mind the circulation drops off drastically as the 

booster reaches a stall condition  .

 If you require flow at a particular pressure ,then you need read the flow cahrts carefully and conservatively  

 If you need the pump to stop at a certain pressure ,prior to stall ,then an air pilor switches needs to be installed  .

Essential functions

1. Realiable ,Simple to Sustain ,compact and strong

two. No warmth,flame or spark chance

three. Infinitely variable cycling speed and output

four. Air driven Designs do not demand electrical connection ,easy to implement computerized controls

5. No restrict or adverse have an effect on to contineous end/commence apps

six.Seals technique designed for prolonged working daily life,No airline lubricated required

7.Built-in coupling program (Most designs) and suitable for most gases boosting 

Main technical information  

Typical technological info for air driven fuel booster pump  


    Design Substantial strain piston rod diameter  Strain ratio Least inlet strain PI(Bar) Greatest Outlet strain PO(Bar) Outlet force formula PO Inlet port dimension Outlet porst size Maximum Flow charge L/min
2GBD07 80 seven:one three.4 56 7PA+PI NPT one/2” NPT 1/2” 774@PI=seven
2GBD10 50 ten:1 3.four eighty 10PA+PI  NPT1/2” NPT1/2”’ 646PI=7
2GBD15 56 15:one three.four 125 15PA+PI NPT1/2” NPT one/2” 614@PI=7
2GBD30 40 32:one twenty 265 32PA+PI NPT3/8” NPT3/8” 530@PI=10
2GBD50 32 50:one 25 415 50PA+PI NPT3/8” NPT3/8” 353@PI=twenty five
2GBD60 28 sixty five:one 30 520 65PA+PI NPT3/8” NPT3/8” 327@PI=25
2GBD80 twenty five eighty two:1 32 680 82PA+PI NPT1/4” NPT1/4” 295@PI=forty
2GBD150 18 150:one eighty 1200 150PA+ PI NPT1/4” HF4 297@pi=sixty
2GBD200 sixteen two hundred:one 80 1660 200PA+ PI NPT1/4” HF4 187@pi=80

 Remark one) Maxium outlet stress are at an air driven force of 8 bar or 116 PSI ,for prolonged existence employing

of this sort of pump ,we suggest that air driven pressure should be not more than 8 Bar  .

Standard software of this kind of double motion,double driven pneumatic gas pressure

booster pump  for cylinder refilling  

                                               Factory real pictures 


Usun Model: 2gbd Double Acting, Double Driven Pneumatic Gas Pressure Booster Pump for Faster Refilling