Pneumatic Air Vacuum Pump

Pneumatic Air Vacuum Pump

Air Vacuum Pump 


  • Operate:fIdeal for automotive air conditioners,home  air conditioners,fridges,freezers,and far more!


  • Characteristics:

    one.Contains one/2″ACME(R134a)and R12 connectors
    2.Vacuum level:28.three” of mercury at sea stage
    3.Air consumption:four.2CFM@90PSI
    four.Air inlet:one/four-18NPT

    Pump Use and Care

    1. Do not power the pump

    2.Disconnect the pump from the air source prior to generating any adjustments,changing accessoring the pump

    three.Store the pump when it is idie out of reach of youngsters and other untrined presons

    four.Check out for misalignment or binding of relocating components,breakage of components,and any other issue that impacts the pumps operation

    5.Support of air conditioning systems must be done only by qualified and knowledgeable technician to avoid overfilling

    6.Professionals opening refrigeration circuit in automotive air conditioning techniques Should be licensed in refrigerant recovery and recycling methods in compliance with area 609 of Thoroughly clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

    seven.Follow vehicle provider guide instructions 

Running Air Force seventy five-180PSI
Common Air Intake 4.2CFM@90PSI
vacuum Capability 28.3 IN of Mercury at Sea Degree
Air Inlet one/4″-18NPT
Operate Time 10Minuts(Advised)
Vacuum Ports R-134a&R-twelve

Pneumatic Air Vacuum Pump