Moving Dental Suction Unit Dental Supply Vacuum Machine

Moving Dental Suction Unit Dental Supply Vacuum Machine

Moving Dental Suction Device Dental CZPT Vacuum CZPT

Product Description:
one.Efficient separation,Compact construction,Minimal use-value
Allow air and liquid individual in the tiny place.Separation technique and vacuum pump is related in the identical central driving sharft,don’t want instal separation technique in the dental device,will not need any other classic system’s working expense—as h2o pump

two.Sturdy Energy
Adopt width voltage and double frequence,motor with defense leve IP55(insulation grade F) as drive,complete turbine circulation suction electricity,reduce sounds, higher pressure,greater flowing. Offer the continual suction electrical power for therapy

three.Regulation and cooling
Bulit-in auxiliary air valve,not only control suction electrical power of method,but also make sure inside cooling of pump.

four.Corrosion resistance
Separation program adopt higher quality engineering plastics,corrosion resistance,long use-lifestyle time

5.Two phase separation system
Progressive two stage separation technique,have increased foam tolerance,ensure out-air without any h2o,avoid pump hurt.

Product No. : TY703 Suction unit 
Electrical power: AC110V/60Hz 220V/50Hz 
Input Power : 750W 
Max strain : 12kPa 
Vacuum degree : -12kPa 
Stream : 550L/min 
Sounds : 57-62dB 
Motor revolution : 2750r/min 
CZPT two dental device


Delicate reaction: swift action, effective suction, can reach the substantial vacuum suction working condition quite speedily.

Easy operation: compact framework, separator and drainage method can be disassembled and reinstalled very easily, hassle-free to clean and re-resolve.

Fashion appearane: fashion colors, human entire body engineering design and style, demonstrating fashion and vitality.

Substantial vacuum: with dentistry leading technology, extremely robust suction, stable electrical power provide throughout procedure to supply efficient adverse stress.

Steady functioning overall performance: with the throughout the world newest technological innovation, services lifestyle can get to to ten thousand hours, and for the duration of the daily use, almost maintenance totally free.

Straightforward routine maintenance: fully automatic induction design, automatic begin-quit control, computerized drainage.

Silent & Clean: low doing work sounds, new layout, delivers you a overall health lifestyle from science and techology.


Moving Dental Suction Unit Dental Supply Vacuum Machine