Medical Use 23L Table Top Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Medical Use 23L Table Top Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

SQ-Z23 23L table best autoclave steam sterilizer with best price tag

SQ-Z collection damp warmth fast sterilizer is our company focused to dental, ophthalmology,laboratory and other events need recurrent sterilization design and manufacture,there are 18L, 23L and 45L of a few designs,for clinic or specialist businesses sterilization.The sterilizer making use of microprocessor intelligent manage,human-equipment interface,straightforward procedure, protected and trustworthy,thoroughly clean sanitation.

item title  autoclave steam sterilizer

Merchandise type

Table prime

Heating method

electrical heating



Power provide


Outline dimension


Chamber size

 Outline materia  CZPT steel (one.5mm thick) baking powder
 Work environment  0-50ºC

Operating strain



 Humidity in sterilizing: ≥80%

Highest force resistance: -120kpa~260kpa

Sterilization temperature: 121ºC-135ºC adjustable

Temperature display: LED digital

Microcomputer management technologies: The sterilizer utilizes microprocessor clever handle, human pc interface, simple to operate, risk-free and reputable. The parameters and standing for the duration of operation are dynamically shown by means of electronic monitor. Vacuum, h2o injection, heating, sterilization, strain reduction, exhaust, drying, energy outage, automated detection and alarm of irregular work of gear, automated fault analysis, over temperature, more than stress automated safety to guarantee the trustworthiness of sterilization. The buzzer automatically prompts the Conclude screen to complete.

Pulsation manner: Microcomputer management routinely selects pulsation times in accordance to discipline problems to make sure the coordination of temperature and force.

Vacuum mode: Three pre-vacuum to ensure more quickly heating, sterilization much more comprehensive.

Safe valve: When the sterilizer stress reaches 240 KPA ±5 KPA, the aid valve opens immediately.

In excess of-voltage safety system: When the sterilization chamber pressure reached 220 ±5 KPa, there were cues and automated pressure aid.

Air leakage: When the sterilizer is tested at each stage, the pressure increase price ought to not be higher than .13 KPA / min.

Sterilizing chamber dynamic stress: The strain variation during the sterilizer cycle need to not exceed 1000 KPA / min during any 2 s interval.

Vacuum pump: The utility product adopts double head oil-free vacuum pump with leather bowl, which is easy and hassle-free, has fast vacuum price, prolonged services daily life, and assures that the vacuum diploma can get to -eighty kpa.

Stress sensor: The internal force sensor immediately detects the stress inside the cavity to make certain the accuracy and effectiveness of the pressure.

Temperature sensor: The developed-in temperature sensor routinely detects the temperature within the cavity to make sure that the temperature in the cavity is within the precise selection of ±3 ºC.

Sterilization method: Bare products, cotton yarn, wrapping tools, plastic and rubber gear merchandise, the default functioning temperature is a hundred thirty five ºC.

Sterilization time at 135 ºC: 36 minutes (12 minutes for preheating, 4 minutes in vacuum, 4 minutes for sterilization, sixteen minutes for drying)

Sterilization time at 122 ºC: 56 minutes (preheat eight minutes, vacuum four minutes, sterilization five-20 minutes, dry twenty minutes)

CZPT drying: Strong vacuum drying, suitable for diverse things drying demands tools residual humidity < 0.2.

Steam discharge: Built-in condensate drinking water collector, waste steam condensed by condenser after removal, do not exhaust squander steam, more protected and clear.

Hermetically-sealed design: CZPT ring for silica gel goods, style lifestyle of 2 several years or 1200 occasions) not getting older and not deformation.

Fast-put on element: CZPT ring

Alarm technique: High and lower temperature alarm method

Category: Class II medical products

Medical Use 23L Table Top Autoclave Steam Sterilizer