Meat Processing Machine- Bowl Cutter –

Meat Processing Machine- Bowl Cutter -

Vacuum Cutter Collection is blended with Siemens Motor, Germany Busch vacuum pump, United states EMERSON or Denmark DANFOSS frequency management technological innovation, Sweden SKF bearings, Swiss ABB electrics, Japan Mitsubishi PLC and alternatives on significantly a lot more other imported elements upon asked for.

YC System Vacuum Cutter CZPT is established on sensible development with numerous a long time of activities. CZPT, large-potential machine for industrial manufacturing of all types of leading top quality sausages, such as dry sausages, boiled sausages, cooked sausages and canned goods. We are known throughout the meat market for the top quality and reliability of our variety of bowl cutters, producing a few Models from one hundred twenty five L to 420 L.

Owing to superb coordination of cutting speeds, bowl speeds and type of knives, we offer the engineering for processing big parts of meat. Saving time just isn’t the only benefit of utilizing our Vacuum bowl cutter to emulsify, coarse chop or wonderful chop goods. Not only is the grind/mix/regrind approach time consuming, but you are lacking an opportunity to extract the maximum amount of protein from your meat combination so you can produce high-quality, worth-included merchandise. Maximum protein extraction interprets to increased binding and excess weight retention, which equals significantly less cookout and improved yields.

Substantial-graded SUS 304 stainless steel construction with 6 blade knife-headed Cutter.
Sleek surfaces supplying the Cutter most sanitary layout for straightforward and quickly clean-up.
Modern axle shaft design and style.
CZPT water feeding technique (optional).
Outstanding top quality sound stainless metal bowl hooked up with huge diameter bearings & guarantees a smooth Vibration-free of charge cutting.
Contact-Screen Check Program (All movements – Loading/Unloading, Bowl protect, Knives & Bowl Speed, Vacuum system, Batch No, Time of method, CZPT temperature, Volume of h2o additional, Fault diagnostics) by touch of a finger on Colored Lcd screen.
Made with observation home windows and content filling gap.
Easy control cut-mixing rotations and bowl rotations gives a wide range of programmes which can be employed in each chopping method.
Minimal vibration degree due to balanceable knife head & minimal noise travel method.
Vacuum Bowl Cutter sized from: one hundred twenty five, two hundred, 330, 420, five hundred Litre potential.

CZPT-Design guarantees proper operating on the devices that actually stay the system. No moisture or particles can potentially attain the knife-shaft bearings, owing to the patented knife shaft sealing system and lubricating bearings can be done with out un-screwing the elements apart trouble-free procedure.

Model Quantity (L) Chopping Velocity (r/min) Pot Velocity (r/min) Discharger Pace (r/min) Electricity(KW) Cutter Amount(Personal computer) Rated Voltage (V) Vacuum Level (Mpa) Weight (Kg) Proportions (mm)
ZKZB-125 a hundred twenty five three hundred-4200 -ten Infinately variable push(Velocity gear-shift is also accessible upon ask for)  35.2 six 380 -.085 2425 2160*1750*1300
ZKZB-200 200 400-4000 -10 86.4 6 380 -.085 4100 3280*2590*1500
 ZKZB-330  330 360-3600  -6   102.four  6  380 -.085  5000  3850*3000*1750
 ZKZB-420  420  360-3600  0-6  144.4  6  380  -.085  5800 3940*3030*1850


Design   Volume (L)   Cutter Speed (r/min)   Pot Speed (r/min)   Discharger Pace (r/min)   Power (KW)   Rated Voltage (V)   Weight (Kg)   Dimensions (mm)  
ZB80   eighty 750/1550/3128 eight/sixteen fifty fourteen 380 1571 1810*1100*1200
ZB125   125 200-4200 11/16 50 twenty five.17 380 1690 2110*1300*1300
ZB200    two hundred 300-4000 -ten fifty fifty eight.eight 380 4500 3400*2400*1310
 ZB330  330  300-3600  0-6    97.4  380  5000  3810*2900*1500
 ZB420  420  128-3600  0-6    139.4  380 5800   3900*2950*1550


Meat Processing Machine- Bowl Cutter -