Max 10000 Psi Chemical Methanol or Glycol Injection Pump

Max 10000 Psi Chemical Methanol or Glycol Injection Pump

Max ten thousand psi CZPT Methanol or Glycol injection Pump 

CZPT Oilfield chemical reagent injection program
CZPT chemical reagent injection booster method

  Merchandise introduction:
CZPT reagent injection system is commonly employed in the world oil creation and processing sector. Using the  Air / fuel pushed method to filling chemical substances to the oil wells, gas wells and pipelines, restore the typical perform of the oil (fuel) nicely, also can be utilised for shipping and delivery of uncooked materials to the substantial-stress response kettle quantitative.

The influence of the chemical injection program is to use a chemical injection technique to return or inject a liquid chemical agent into the fluid at higher strain or minimal stress. To return fluid injection of chemical agents usually using methanol, preservatives, deoxidizer, drilling fluid additive (caustic soda and liquid polymer) and defoaming agent. CZPT injection system is a relatively simple method, its suction stop is utilizing pneumatic piston pump, the pump and chemical agents are connected to the container. And the discharge end is right connected with the pipeline.

Application range:
1 oil effectively
2 gasoline properly
three response kettle 

 CZPT attributes:
one.    Equipped with large high quality pneumatic chemical reagent injection pump, can easily attain the output pressure and movement of any adjustable, controllable
2.The get in touch with liquid segment is stainless metal, robust corrosion resistance, suited for a range of chemical reagents (also can use the gasoline method)
3.It can be utilized in a range of strain level of the wellhead, the method with the operate of the force starting up
4.chemical reagent injection system output pressure is high, six.-640 MPa is arbitrary, the method has to stop working below the set pressure
5.sophisticated technologies, reasonable structure design and style. The attributes of little dimensions, light fat, stunning look air/fuel pushed, no require to use electricity, there will be no spark generated, secure explosion-proof


 CZPT chemical reagent injection pump system-DLS collection

The best selling Design C cabinet

The CZPT chemical injection pump technique which includes adhering to components:
Air -driven liquid booster pump (DGG/DGGD two series for choosing)
CZPT steel (carbon steel) materials cabinet (Three types for picking)
F.R.L mixture for pushed air (adjusts air stress, incorporate lubricating oil and water filter)
CZPTn air swap (Pump starting up switch), pushed air pressure gauge, chemical(drinking water) tank
Liquid inlet/outlet switch, large stress liquid guage, unloading valve, interconnecting pipes etc.
And we could also customize it in accordance to clients’ specific requirement.



DLS-GD series CZPT specification

Model Stress Ratio CZPTn air strain PL System to calculate outlet stress MAX Outlet
air inlet    port
Substantial strain Outlet port MAX Movement
DLS-GD6 6:1 3-8 bar 6XPL 48 G 1/2 NPT/ZG forty eight.60
DLS-GD10 ten:1 three-eight bar 10XPL eighty G 1/2 NPT/ZG thirty.61
DLS-GD16 16:1 three-eight bar 16XPL 128 G one/2 NPT/ZG 19.seventy three
DLS-GD28 28:1 three-eight bar 28XPL 224 G 1/two NPT/ZG eleven.thirty
DLS-GD40 40:1 three-eight bar 40XPL 320 G 1/two NPT/ZG seven.69
DLS-GD64 64:1 three-8 bar 64XPL 512 G one/2 NPT/ZG four.94
DLS-GD80 80:one three-eight bar 80XPL 640 G 1/2 NPT/ZG three.96
DLS-GD100 100:1 three-eight bar 100XPL 800 G 1/two NPT/ZG three.thirteen
DLS-GD130 one hundred thirty:1 three-8 bar 130XPL 1040 G one/2 NPT/ZG 2.forty
DLS-GD175 one hundred seventy five:one three-8 bar 175XPL 1400 G 1/two NPT/ZG 1.81
DLS-GD255 255:one three-8 bar 255XPL 2040 G one/2 NPT/ZG one.23
DLS-GD400 four hundred:one 3-8 bar 400XPL 3200 G 1/2 NPT/ZG .79

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Higher Strain Test CZPT(CZPT/Burst/Hydrostatic examination equipment,Cylinder take a look at equipment,
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Oil CZPT, Gas CZPT, CZPT CZPT, Fireplace Battling, Study Institutions etc.
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Max 10000 Psi Chemical Methanol or Glycol Injection Pump