Low Investment Potato Starch Plant Equipment

Low Investment Potato Starch Plant Equipment

Low CZPT Potato CZPTch Plant CZPT


 1. Potato CZPTch can be utilized for Meals and consume.

 2. Potato CZPTch can be utilised for Textile starching, Medicine, etc.

 3. Potato CZPTch can be employed for producing Modified starch, Glucose, Sugar, Sorbitol, Alcohol, and so on.

 4. Potato CZPTch can be utilized for making Vitamin C, Lysine, Citric acid, Antibiotic, Enzymic preparations, etc.

 5. Potato residue can be utilized as feed.

Process Description

(1) Uncooked substance obtaining unit: The potato is carried aside from the storage pool following weighing. Firstly, it goes by way of the vibration sieve for eliminating the stones and sand. Then the pre-cleaned potato falls on the belt conveyer and enters into the storage pool, and the garbage will be carried absent by truck.

(2) H2o transport unit: The exit of the storage pool is water transportation channel. The potato will be despatched by h2o power into de-stone device. In the meantime, the remaining sand and filth will be again cleaned out by rolling and friction.

(3) De-stone and washing device: Potato is transferred into the screw destone equipment to be cleaned by drinking water stream. The little sand and stone go via the rotary display screen then meet with greater dimensions stone which was stopped and sent back to the entrance of de-stone machine. Most of sand and stone are taken out out of de-stone device. The potato then goes into rotary cleansing device for further taking away of dust and broken chips. Cleaned potato falls on a examining conveying belt outfitted with nozzles for washing the area of potato. Personnel can manually take out the rotten potatos, wooden and plastic items. At the end of belt, the iron remover is put in for getting rid of steel impurities.
Then the potato is sent by bulk elevator into momentary storage in which it can stay 2 hours.

(four) Milling device: The milling unit is the most critical stage for extracting potato starch. The feeding screw mixed at base of the storage tank pumped the cleanse potato into milling equipment. Highly-efficient milling equipment will release the starch in potato at most.

(five) De-sanding cyclone device: Following milling, the starch milk is transferred to de-sanding cyclone by fiber pump. The hydro-cyclone divide the milk into two elements: the gentle element which consists of the mixture of starch and residue will go out from leading of the cyclone, and the weighty component which contains the sand will be discharged out of the system.

(6) Centrifugal extracting unit: The combination is transferred to the 3 stage centrifugal sieves, each sieve works with a fiber pump and a defoam pump. The combination enters into every single sieve to separate residue and starch. Soon after 3 phases steady washing and separation, the filtrate is despatched to focus and refining unit, and the residue is despatched to the residue dewatering unit.

(7) Potato residue dewatering unit: The potato residue will be pumped to the centrifugal sieve for dewatering, the centrifugal sieve functions like the extraction sieve. Then the screw conveyor discharges the residue out of the procedure, and the water will go back to the process water method.

(8) Focus and refining device

The starch milk from centrifugal sieve goes into the 16 phases of refining hydro-cyclone, and new h2o comes into the cyclone from the stop of method. To begin with, starch milk is pumped into 3 phases of concentration device to eliminate the drinking water, then the condensed starch milk enter the up coming 13 phases of washing unit, and the overflow enters into one more two stages of recycle device to recycle starch. Most of the effluent with fiber is discharged out of the approach, and a small part goes again to the approach drinking water system. Last but not least, the condensed starch slurry is pumped into the starch slurry storage tank.

(9) Vacuum dewatering device: The starch slurry is pumped into inlet tank of vacuum dewatering machine. Then the vacuum rotary drum will adsorb the starch on the drum area and the filtrate is transferred out of the technique by filtrate pump. The filter cake on the drum will be peeled off by peeler and then transferred to the air dryer by screw conveyor.

(ten) Air drying unit: Right after dewatering method, the air dryer will dry the starch to the needed dampness of the professional starch. Then starch goes into the screw conveyor.

(11) Sieving and storage device: The starch is transferred into the vibration sieve by screw conveyor, and the sieve is employed to separate the coarse and fine starch particle. Then the fantastic starch goes into starch tank for temporary storage.

(12) Weighing and package deal device: Soon after seiving, the fantastic starch goes to the car-packager, and will be packed into 25 kg/bag.

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Low Investment Potato Starch Plant Equipment