Liquid Epoxy Resin Ratio Dispenser

Liquid Epoxy Resin Ratio Dispenser

automatic epoxy dispenser robotic


Model:PGB-seven hundred

PGB-700 system properly meters, mixes and dispenses two-element medium to low-viscosity resources for potting, gasketing,sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling. For variable ratio dispensing, the method handles ratios from one:1 to 10:one. 

The program is composed of content tank, metering pump, metering motor, material pipe, two ingredient valve, motor for dynamic stirring, mixing tube and 3 axis robotic arms. Two sorts of glue are separated just before they blend in mixing tube, so the glue will not cure in units. Glue valve is with vacuum function to keep thin fluid from dripping. Other optional capabilities include:
Tank stirring purpose
Tank defoaming function 
Thermostat heating operate on Tank, pipe, and valve



1. CZPT metering and mixing, contact display PLC manage program, English procedure interface allow straightforward to established parameters
two. Massive Liquid crystal display display screen shows different processing knowledge
three. Straightforward programming of dots, stripes, arcs, compound arcs and styles on different planes
4. Gluing velocity and timing can be established
five. CAD file can be imported and turned to be dispensing styles, and downloaded through USB (optional operate)
6. Mixing ratio one:one-one:ten and gluing volume can be established and altered as for each true require. CZPT mixing make sure two ingredient glue to be mixed to a completely homogeneous consistency
seven. Metering, mixing and gluing simultaneously
8. Two tanks preserve A glue and B glue individually
9. Liquid level sensor, alarm function 
10. Tank stirring and vacuum defoaming purpose optional
eleven. Car cleaning The cleaning mode can be manually or automatically, handbook mode just eliminate the mixing tube then soak into cleaning agent, right after ten min consider out and clear with compressed air, CZPT manner only need to have to function the cleaning change on contact screen within one moment to total
twelve. Glue tank/metering pump/glue pipe heating perform (optional)
thirteen. Vacuum manage keeps slim fluids from dripping
14. Distinctive control system which will not affected by air strain issue, assures optimal dispensing performance 
fifteen. XYZ axis can be programmed to dispense glue along preferred patterns. 

Application Region:

one. CZPTtrical CZPT: CZPTtronic elements, built-in circuits, circuit board solder paste, set and dust and dampness security, Liquid crystal display liquid crystal screen, speakers, headphone, audio, LED, optical lens, SMD transformers, relays.
two. Communication CZPT: Keypad, cell phone casing bonding, radio, telephone, Personal computers, MP4, electronic toys, chassis bonding, switches, connectors, plug cable. 

I.CZPT description and operating theory

CZPT glue mixing device is mainly utilised for a two-component glue( Epoxy/ Silicone/PU,and many others adhesive), automatic metering and mixing the ratio of glue. The glue are stored in two barrels individually, in accordance the glue weight ratio and volume need automatic metering by two sets of precision pump, source to a mixing unit fully mixing, and then potting/dispensing the sought after products.

II.Primary Operate:

one.CZPT metering and mixing

two.Guide Gluing

3.Car alarm for lack of content or complete materials

4.Gluing ratio and quantity adjustable

five.Car cleaning

6.Glue tank Vacuum Defoaming (Optional)

7.Glue barrels,metering pump,glue pipe can be heating (Optional)



Model No:

PJL-a hundred

Mixing Ratio

a hundred:100-10:a hundred(1:one-1:ten) Adjustable

Metering precision


Outflow speed


Mixing precision


Mixing mode

CZPT mixing /Static mixing

Glue Viscosity

Lower than 20000 CPS(mPa·s)

Manage method

PLC + Touch Display

Handle technique

Impartial R&D

Measuring method

Stepping motor/Higher-precision, put on-resistant,

extended-existence Gear pump

Working voltage

AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz

Electrical power need


Air stress prerequisite


CZPT Dimension



approx 260 KG

Function atmosphere

Humidity: 20%~ninety eight%RH Temperature: ~+40°c


Suited Materials: For water-proof, adhesive, fixed two-ingredient adhesive.

Such as: Crystal or considerably less additive glue –Silicone, epoxy, polyurethane(PU), and so on.

Applications:LED products ,CZPTs,CZPTtronic factors

This kind of as:Wall washer mild, LED bar, LED strip, Advertisements module, Sensor, Photovoltaic module, Photovol­taic inverter .and so on


V, packing


Liquid Epoxy Resin Ratio Dispenser