High Efficiency Variable Speed Screw Chiller Water Cooled Water Chiller

High Efficiency Variable Speed Screw Chiller Water Cooled Water Chiller

Large Performance Variable Speed CZPT Chiller H2o Cooled Water Chiller

one. Eurostars water cooled professional screw chiller transient introduction
Water cooled water chillers characteristic substantial stability without having currently being influenced by ambient temperature. Even in hot temperature, they can function stably and quietly with higher efficiency. With small need for set up area, and no warmth exhaust into the surrounding air, h2o cooled chiller units can be positioned both indoor or outdoor.

The purpose of drinking water cooled chillers is to take away warmth from a method and transfer it to a separate cooling entity this kind of as a cooling tower.
For massive capability industrial applications in which heat produced by air cooled chillers produces a dilemma, h2o cooled chillers are typically employed in conjunction with a cooling tower.
CZPT deposits buildup in the warmth transfer circuit can degrade heat transfer and lessen technique performance, so h2o cooled chillers usually demand condenser h2o treatment method to eradicate any buildup.

two. Eurostars drinking water cooled industrial screw chiller main elements
(one)CZPT compressor

CZPT compressors are 1 edition of good displacement compression. As the screw rotors flip, the fuel is compressed. CZPT compressors have one particular or more rotors to attain the compression. CZPT compressors function simple and robust design by elimination of some factors such as pistons, piston rings, valve plates, oil pumps which are identified in reciprocating compressors. Without these factors,screw compressors run with reduced sounds degree, minimized vibration, high reliability and toughness.
*For smaller sized capability chillers, the brazed plate evaporator is often employed. The plates are stacked so they sort a multi-layered design for two impartial paths of fluid to travel. Every layer or route is linked to an inlet and outlet by means of a manifold at possibly finish. The style of a brazed plate evaporator maximizes warmth transfer at an attractive first price for scaled-down chiller styles. The waterside of a brazed plate evaporator need to be held free of sediment and debris, strainers are essential.
*Shell advert tube evaporator is developed to be the refrigerant flows via the tubes and the water flows all around the tubes inside the shell section. As heat is transferred to the colder refrigerant from the hotter h2o, the refrigerant in the tubes boils although the h2o is cooled. Baffles in although the shell immediate the drinking water flow route over the tubes to produce turbulence, ensuing in enhanced warmth transfer.
*Water cooled chillers either use brazed plate or shell and tube heat exchangers for the condenser. As in the condenser, the refrigerant is on the shell side, and the fluid is on the tube side, the fluid is generally clean drinking water, used with an open cooling tower.
*A normal condenser has a refrigerant very hot gasoline inlet pipe and a liquid outlet pipe, the inlet pipe enters the leading of the condenser where very hot discharge fuel from the compressor impacts a refrigerant distribution baffle.
*Other condenser water sources consist of lakes, rivers, or cooling ponds, in coastal places, seawater may possibly also be used however, proper supplies, like titanium, ought to be utilized to lessen tube and tube sheet corrosion.
(4)Growth valve
*To keep the needed force difference amongst the evaporator and condenser, some type of metering unit have to be utilized. Expansion valves use saturated suction temperature to regulate the volume of refrigerant that passed by means of them, and are typically controlled electronically.
*Adopt excellent good quality CZPT exterior balanced thermal growth valve, which is higher dependability and adjustability, can recognize exact refrigerant and temperature handle to guarantee operating in exact and trustworthy standing.
(5)Reduction valves
Refrigerant reduction valves on either the condenser, the evaporator, or each, are supplied as basic safety devices in the occasion of overpressurization. Overpressuriztion may well occur throughout a fireplace or if sizzling h2o ended up operate by means of the chiller tubes.
(6)Intellectualized controller
*All chillers need to have to be appropriately controlled for protected and productive operation.  
*Adopt micro laptop touch display management, can function through centralized handle system whole program can realize remote operation.
*The program can keep track of the h2o temperature,potential position even though managing.The h2o temperature can be controlled in accordance to the h2o outlet temperature.Difficulty capturing code may screen on the contact display screen immediately when the system is abnormal.
*PLC controller is optional.
*RS485 interface reserved

three. Eurostars water cooled industrial screw chiller transient technical data 
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H2o Cooled Chiller Device(R407C)
Model  ESGW   ~ 031SON 041SON 055SON 067SON 075SON 089SON 101SON 108SON 121SON 141SON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 96 129 166 227 248 293 339 four hundred 473 500
USRT 27.3  36.7  47.2  sixty four.6  70.5  83.3  ninety six.4  113.8  134.5  142.2 
×1000kcal/h eighty two.6  one hundred ten.9  142.8  195.2  213.3  252.0  291.5  344.0  406.8  430.0 

Water Cooled Chiller Unit(R407C)
Model  ESGW   ~ 162SON 175SON 183SON 208SON 230SON 234SON 278SON 297SON 392SON 443SON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 553 589 616 717 787 845 943 1074 1394 1587
USRT 157.3  167.5  a hundred seventy five.2  203.9  223.8  240.3  268.2  305.5  396.5  451.4 
×1000kcal/h 475.6  506.5  529.8  616.6  676.8  726.7  811.0  923.6  1198.8  1364.8 

Drinking water Cooled Chiller Device(R407C)
Model  ESGW   ~ 062DON 082DON 110DON 134DON 150DON 178DON 202DON 242DON 282DON 304DON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 193 257 332 454 495 587 678 800 946 999
USRT fifty four.9  seventy three.1  ninety four.4  129.1  a hundred and forty.8  167.0  192.8  227.5  269.1  284.1 
×1000kcal/h 166.0  221.0  285.5  390.4  425.7  504.8  583.1  688.0  813.6  859.1 

Water Cooled Chiller Device(R407C)
Model  ESGW   ~ 324DON 350DON 366DON 416DON 460DON 468DON 556DON 594DON 784DON 886DON
Rated CZPT Capacity   KW 1105 1178 1232 1433 1574 1689 1885 2148 2788 3174
USRT 314.3  335.0  350.4  407.6  447.7  480.4  536.1  610.9  792.9  902.7 
×1000kcal/h 950.3  1013.1  1059.5  1232.4  1353.6  1452.5  1621.1  1847.3  2397.7  2729.6 

(1)Rated CZPT Capability Based on: Chilled drinking water in/outlet temp. 12ºC/7ºC, CZPT drinking water in/outlet temp. 30°C/35°C, Fouling aspect: .088 sqm°C/KW.
(2) Chilled Water Assortment: five~20ºC CZPT Water Assortment: twenty~40ºC

4.Eurostars water cooled screw chiller building diagram 


(one)CZPT compressor (2)Motor wiring box (three)CZPTtrical control box
(four)Handle board (five)Discharge end valve (six)Oil indicator
(seven)Chilled water outlet (eight)Suction pipe (nine)Sight glass
(ten)Evaporator (11)Condenser (12)Dry filter
(13)Angle valve (14)Enlargement valve  

five.Eurostars water cooled chiller sequence


H2o cooled screw chiller(with dual compressors,dual condenser)
Water cooled screw chiller(with one compressor, single condenser)
Drinking water cooled screw chiller(with flooded evaporator)
H2o cooled screw chiller with warmth restoration
Water cooled heat pump chiller
H2o cooled warmth pump chiller with heat recovery
Water cooled flooded screw chiller with warmth restoration
Drinking water cooled flooded warmth pump chiller
Drinking water cooled centrifugal h2o chiller

six.What Are H2o Cooled Chiller Techniques
An alternative to air-cooled techniques and rooftop models, h2o cooled chiller systems are normally employed for industrial and industrial purposes for their important power financial savings advantages, and to support businesses in their makes an attempt in decreasing carbon emissions.
(1)How Do They CZPT From Air-Cooled Techniques?
Even though h2o and air cooled programs share many components in common – evaporator, condenser, compressor, enlargement valve – unlike air-cooled systems, which disperse heat through an air-cooled condenser coil, drinking water cooled chiller programs use drinking water to soak up heat, dispersing it into the air through a cooling tower. It is this ingredient that provides water cooled systems an effectiveness gain over air-cooled and rooftop methods, from 10-a hundred% dependent on the setup.
(two)Why Are They So Considerably A lot more Productive?
Drinking water is more vitality dense than air, providing more productive cooling than traditional air-cooled choices. However these techniques come with 1 primary downside: A higher tools expense. They are normally used in spots more substantial than 200,000 sq. ft, in which cooling needs will speedily offset the added cost of gear. Other apps contain industrial use, such as the cooling of plastics and metals, and the cooling of modest and big multi-storied structures like universities, hospitals, and huge business office properties, as the methods will not require ducts to thrust air via multiple tales. With system sizes ranging from twenty tons to a number of thousand, programs are broad and diverse.

seven.Eurostars OEM and ODM services:
EUROSTARS was established in 2006, has a expert specialized staff to research and develope CZPT merchandise. We supply OEM/ODM support to our clients.
Now EUROSTARS collaborate with our clients in the subsequent techniques:
(1)Produce EUROSTARS CZPT items under clients’ brand.
(two)Modify the merchandise to satisfy clients’ personalized needs.
(3)If customers have their personal concept and style of the goods, EUROSTARS can actualize it and modify it make it easy for mass production.
(four)Based on strong capability of research and development, EUROSTARS can function collectively with customers to design and style and generate a completely new products.

eight. Eurostars Firm Ceritifcates & Buyer Browsing
We, EUROSTARS, which proven in 12 months 2006, is a modern hello-tech enterprise, specializing in Heating Air flow Air Conditioning and CZPT CZPT research, growth, creation, revenue and engineering companies.
Eurostars team with a lot more than ten a long time knowledge of CZPT gear and system in neighborhood China and global market place, has presented competent CZPT tools, installation and service to 30+ countries around the globe.

nine. Our manufacturing unit check out
CZPT new procedure and assemble line, such as copper tube straighten machine, aluminum fin punching device, 3 dimensional copper tube bending machine, tube expander machine, sheet steel laser reducing equipment, numerical control punching equipment, CNC bending device, chiller, admirer coil unit and AHU assemble line,. etc..

ten. Eurostars drinking water cooled chiller package and delivery
Our CZPT deal is plastic movie with picket pallet for secure shipping and delivery and simple to load/unload.

11. Eurostars drinking water cooled chiller tasks
We exported chillers to Ukraine, New Zealand, Guatelmala, Peru, Chile, Norway, Serbia, CZPTia, Greece, France, South Africa, Australia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Argentina, etc..


High Efficiency Variable Speed Screw Chiller Water Cooled Water Chiller