Fzg Series Round Sqaure High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer for Flavor Spices Fluorescent Chemical Powder

Fzg Series Round Sqaure High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer for Flavor Spices  Fluorescent Chemical Powder

Hywell proffesional to style and manufacture the Fzg Sequence Round/Sqaure Higher Effectiveness Vacuum Dryer for Flavor Spices /Fluorescent/CZPT Powder that use to dry the powder and granules or liquid under the vacuum sate with lower temperature, it can use steam heating or scorching water,if consumer have not steam resource, we will design electrical heating water tank to source hot water for heating.welcome to inquiry us!

Vacuum Drying utilizes vacuum pump to pump damp air out and make the functioning chamber form vacuum standing. and permit the uncooked substance to be dried at vacuum situation ,As a result, the drying speed of uncooked materials is enhanced and the energy is saved tremendously. Simply because the uncooked supplies load inside of the tray (CZPT tray measurement :640x460x45mm), so It is static vacuum dryer, the form and construction of material can not be ruined when be dried
Notes: The solvent of uncooked substance can be collected by utilizing a condenser. If the solvent is drinking water, the condenser is not essential in get to save investment cost.
1. Before drying, the remedy of disinfection may be carried out. During the period of time of drying, there is no impurity substance combined. It is in conformity with the necessity of GMP.
2. The warmth is indirect. So the uncooked materials can not be polluted. It is in conformity with the requirement of GMP. It is simple in washing and servicing.
four. CZPT materials : AISISUS304 , AISISUS316L, and other material .
five. For the electrical component  , we primarily use international manufacturer these kinds of as ABB ,Siemens or Schneider.
six.The heat resource for evaporation may be reduced pressure steam or surplus warmth steam.
7. Beneath the problem of vacuum, the boiling position of raw material will decrease and make the evaporation efficiency higher. For that reason for a specific sum of warmth transfer, the conducting location of dryer can be saved..
eight. It belongs to static dryer. So the condition of raw substance to be dried ought to not be destroyed.
9. Hugely polished internal and outer surfaces of the equipment, no lifeless comer, effortless to clear, no cross contamination. Confining to the necessity of GMP.

1.Under the situation of vacuum, the boiling stage of substance solution will decrease. It will enhance impetus for heat and mass trade. As a result for specified warmth exchange volume, it can preserve warmth trade location of evaporator.
2. The heat resource for evaporating procedure may possibly be minimal pressure steam or waster warmth steam (If having particular need, consumer might pick drinking water or oil to warmth. Our factory can design specially for you).
Suitable for drying thermal delicate material that is simple to decompose, polymerize or denature.
Just before drying, it can carry out disinfections. During the interval of drying, any impurity cannot be blended into it.
It is static vacuum dryer, the kind and composition of content to be dried cannot be destroyed.

It is ideal for drying heat delicate uncooked resources that can decompose or polymerize or deteriorate at large temperature. It is commonly employed in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and digital industries.

Product YZG-600 YZG-a thousand YZG-1400 FZG-fifteen
Weight of drying chamer(kg) 350 800 1400 2100
Levels of baking shelf 4 6 eight 8
Dimensions of baking tray(mm) 310x600x45 460x640x45 460x640x45 460x640x45
Variety of baking tray four twelve 32 32
Temp inside chamber(ºC) ≤ a hundred and fifty ≤ one hundred fifty ≤ 150 ≤ one hundred fifty
Vacuum at idle within chamber(Mpa) ≥0.092 ≥0.092 ≥0.092 ≥0.092
Variety and power of vacuum pump if condersateor utilised 2X-15A 2KW W3 5.5KW W3 five.5KW 2X-70A 5.5KW
Tyoe and energy of vacuum pump if no condersator utilized SK-.eight 2.2KW SK-3 seven.5KW SK-3 7.5KW SK-three seven.5KW


Fzg Series Round Sqaure High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer for Flavor Spices  Fluorescent Chemical Powder