Cup Filling Machine Industrial Air Cooling Chiller Water Cooling Chiller

Cup Filling Machine Industrial Air Cooling Chiller Water Cooling Chiller

Cup Filling CZPT CZPT Air CZPT Chiller Drinking water CZPT Chiller 

one. Eurostars air cooled h2o chiller primary components
(1)Fluid circuit
*Standard insulated stainless metal tank (unpressurized)
*Optional pressurized tank
*Tank involves fill port, drain valve, degree gauge, and degree sensor
*Insulated, non-ferrous centrifugal pump and fluid circuit
*Fluid bypass shields pump from harm if chiller inlet and outlet are closed
*Fluid switch protects in opposition to low-flow problem
*Capacity to use glycol mixtures up to fifty%
(two)CZPT circuit
*CZPTd with substantial-quality supplies following demanding brazing methods and conforming to CZPTs
*CZPTally friendly R407C refrigerant (R134A, R404A is optional)
*Refrigerant sight glass and filter-dryer
*Externally equalized thermostatic growth valve
*Substantial and lower force switches
*Large and reduced pressure gauges
*High and low pressure entry fittings for maintenance and troubleshooting
*Optional Sizzling Fuel Bypass Valve for extremely accurate control of outlet fluid temperature
-Airtight compressors (scroll, rotary, or reciprocating) picked for trustworthiness and efficiency
-Mounted on rubber isolators for sounds reduction
-Scroll compressors are particularly silent and can handle liquid return with out injury
-3-period versions are secured in opposition to reverse rotation by an digital stage check
-Crankcase heater prevents liquid slugging on begin-up
-Copper coaxial evaporators are particularly reliable when working with contaminated fluids
-CZPT metal, brazed plate evaporators are compact and highly successful
-Evaporators are protected in opposition to freezing by the microprocessor controller
-Aluminum fins around copper tube design is compact and highly effective
-All-aluminum development gets rid of the risk of galvanic corrosion 
-Epoxy-coated for corrosion resistance, even in aggressive environments(optional)
-Condenser enthusiast motor includes inner, self-resetting thermal protector

2. Air cooled industrial chiller programs
CZPT chillers are employed for controlled cooling of products, mechanisms and manufacturing unit machinery in a extensive selection of industries. Eurostars chillers for industrial apps can be centralized, in which a solitary chiller serves numerous cooling demands, or decentralized in which each and every application or device has its possess chiller. Each and every technique has its rewards. It is also possible to have a mixture of the two centralized and decentralized chillers, specifically if the cooling needs are the very same for some apps or factors of use, but not all. CZPT chillers are typically employed in following location: 
(one)Eurostars chiller utilized in electronic market,ultrasonic cleansing sector:
Employed for cooling steady the within molecular framework of the electric elements.boost elements experienced rate.It can reduce the cleansing agent temperature,condensed gaseous cleaning agent.Successfully stop the evaporation of cleaning brokers.
(2)Eurostars chiller utilized in plating market:
The plating solution amazing.So that metal,non-metallic molecules stable,metallic molecule with a steady existing speedily hooked up to the plating surface area.Improve the density and smoothness of the plating.Shorten the plating cycle,improve quality,effectively get well all sorts of pricey chemical substances.
(three)Eurostars chiller utilised in vacuum ion plating business:
The ionization resource is heated to commence during initial operation,managing need cooling.cooling method malfunction will cause the ionization supply to be damaged.CZPT drinking water have to use substantial pressure pump to make the cooling channel in the ionization source cools the ionization supply.

three. Air cooled chiller major features
(one) Minimal Sound
(two) Large Effective and CZPT Saving
(three) Easy Operation and Installation
(four) Compact Exterior
(five) High quality
(six) Aggressive cost
(7) CE certificated

4. Eurostars air cooled industrial chiller safety units

Motor overload safety CZPT motor overheat security
Phase security Discharge temperature overhigh safety
Higher&reduced strain defense Returning h2o overheat safety
Minimal drinking water flow/level security Anti-freezing security

five. Eurostars air cooled industrial chiller transient complex data 
Please ask salesman for detailed complete data or visit our website:

Air Cooled Chiller Device
Merchandise NO. one 2 three four 5 6 eight ten twelve
Rated CZPT Capability KW 2.76  five.72  8.96  11.31  fourteen.12  seventeen.24  22.62  28.24  34.48 
USRT .78  one.63  2.55  3.22  four.02  4.90  six.43  8.03  nine.81 
×1000 kcal/h 2.37  4.92  seven.71  nine.73  twelve.14  14.83  19.45  24.29  29.65 

Air Cooled Chiller Unit
Item NO. 15 twenty 25 thirty 40 50 sixty
Rated CZPT Potential KW forty three.22 fifty eight.two seventy one.eighteen 87.3 87.seventy eight 116.four 142.36 177.ninety five a hundred seventy five.56
USRT twelve.29  16.55  twenty.24  24.83  24.97  33.11  forty.49  fifty.61  forty nine.93 
×1000 kcal/h 37.17  50.05  61.21  75.08  75.49  one hundred.10  122.43  153.04  150.98 

(one) Rated CZPT Capability Dependent on:Evaporating temperature 7ºCCondensing temperature 50ºC,Ambient DB=35ºC.
(2)Chilled Drinking water Selection: 5~25ºC

6.Manufacturing facility testing of Eurostars every single chiller unit
(one)Pressurization and helium leak detection of refrigeration circuit
(2)Pressurization and leak testing of fluid circuit
(three)Chiller overall performance and power use at complete load
(4)Suitable procedure of all controls, basic safety devices, and alarms
(five)CZPTtrical exams in accordance to CZPTs 


seven. Our support system
Pre-Revenue Provider
(one) Inquiry and consulting assist.
(two) Sample screening support.
(three) Look at our Manufacturing unit.
Right after-Revenue Service
(1)Provide customers with installation and commissioning on the web directions. And we also offer local whole venture set up.
(two) Effectively-qualified engineers available to overseas support.
(3) Globally brokers and after-sale services accessible.

8. Eurostars Organization Ceritifcate & Client Visiting
We, EUROSTARS, which set up in yr 2006, is a modern hi-tech enterprise, specializing in Heating Air flow Air Conditioning and CZPT CZPT study, growth, generation, revenue and engineering providers.

Eurostars group with far more than ten years expertise of CZPT equipment and method in nearby China and intercontinental industry, has supplied qualified CZPT tools, installation and services to 30+ countries all around the globe.

nine. Our manufacturing facility check out
CZPT new procedure and assemble line, including copper tube straighten machine, aluminum fin punching device, three dimensional copper tube bending machine, tube expander equipment, sheet metal laser chopping machine, numerical control punching machine, CNC bending equipment, chiller, enthusiast coil unit and AHU assemble line,. etc..

Chiller generation at our earlier spot as beneath

10. Eurostars air cooled industrial chiller package and shipping
Our CZPT package deal is plastic film with plywood circumstance for risk-free supply and easy to load/unload.

eleven. Eurostars industrial chiller tasks
We exported chillers to Ukraine, New Zealand, Guatelmala, Peru, Chile, Norway, Serbia, CZPTia, Greece, France, South Africa, Australia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mexico, Argentina, etc..

Cup Filling Machine Industrial Air Cooling Chiller Water Cooling Chiller