Cqb-F Type Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump Explosion-Proof Fluoroplastic Alloy Magnetic Pump

Cqb-F Type Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump Explosion-Proof Fluoroplastic Alloy Magnetic Pump

QB-F variety fluoroplastic magnetic pump overview

      CQB-F fluoroplastic magnetic pump is a new merchandise produced by the device. It is also imported from international innovative technological innovation and produced of polyvinylidene fluoride. This content is the world’s superb corrosion-resistant substance. The magnetic pump employed in this materials is employed. Extensive assortment, robust corrosion resistance, large mechanical energy, no ageing, no decomposition of toxins.


      The style of the fluoroplastic magnetic pump not only has the rewards of compact framework, stunning appearance, small dimension, low hum, and reputable operation, and its overcurrent parts all adopt the outstanding “plastic king” in the globe. Made of fluoroplastic), the isolation sleeve is manufactured of specific materials and has large toughness mechanical qualities, which eliminates the phenomenon of magnetic eddy existing in ordinary magnetic pumps. Therefore, the fluoroplastic magnetic pump can transportation any concentrated (sturdy) acid, alkali, oxidant and other corrosive media without having injury. The leak-proof design eradicates the shaft seal and uses the magnetic coupling to indirectly generate, fully reducing the difficulty of dripping, and in no way polluting the use website.

      Classification: At current, the fluorine plastic magnetic pump developed by domestic companies mostly includes: CQB variety fluorine plastic magnetic pump, ZMD fluorine plastic self-priming magnetic pump, IMD sort fluorine plastic magnetic travel pump and so on. Since the overcurrent part of the pump is manufactured of “fluoroplastic alloy”. It can repeatedly transport any concentration of corrosive medium this sort of as acid, alkali and robust oxidant without any harm. CQB-F fluoroplastic magnetic pump is unique in design and style, no mechanical shaft seal is needed, definitely no leakage, liquid over-current areas are produced of fluoroplastic, ceramic, fluororubber and other resources. The pump entire body is fastened with metal materials, so the pump physique is adequate to assist the pipeline. The weight, the use of upkeep and usefulness.

functioning principle

      The driving device is directly mounted on the motor shaft by the energetic magnet coupling, the pump chamber is totally shut, and the impeller with the magnet on the pump shaft is indirectly driven by the magnetic coupling to be compact, protected and strength-conserving. The rugged pump entire body construction is produced of fluoroplastic, but the pump casing is created of steel, so the pump entire body can stand up to the fat of the pipe and resist mechanical shock. The fluoroplastic magnetic pump consists of a pump, a magnetic actuator and a motor. The essential element magnetic actuator is composed of an outer magnetic rotor, an interior magnetic rotor and a non-magnetic isolation sleeve. When the motor drives the outer magnetic rotor to rotate, the magnetic discipline can penetrate the air gap and the non-magnetic substance, and drive the interior magnetic rotor related with the impeller to rotate synchronously to realize the non-get in touch with transmission of the electrical power, and change the dynamic seal into a static seal. Since the pump shaft and the inner magnetic rotor are fully shut by the pump entire body and the isolation sleeve, the difficulty of “operating, escaping, dripping and leaking” is fully solved, and the flammable, explosive, harmful and dangerous medium of the refining and chemical business is removed. The basic safety dangers have efficiently assured the actual physical and psychological well being and protected manufacturing of personnel.

The principal purpose

This product is extensively used in: petrochemical, acid and alkali, non-ferrous steel smelting, pickling approach for vehicle production, rare earth separation, pesticides, dyes, drugs, paper, electroplating, radio and other industries.

Overall performance parameter

Stream rate: 1.8-100m3/h

Head: eight-32m

Motor electrical power: .twelve-18.5KW

Speed: 2900r/min

Use temperature: -20 ° C to a hundred ° C.

Design meaning

For instance: CQB50-32-160F

CQB-magnetic generate centrifugal pump

50-suction port diameter (mm)

32-outlet diameter (mm)

160-impeller nominal diameter (mm)


      (m3/h) (m)


(r/min) (%) (v) (m)


15 10 1.eight 8 .twelve 2900 33 220/380 6.


twenty fifteen 3. twelve .37 2900 33 220/380 six.

CQB-32-twenty five-125F

32 twenty five three.two twenty .75 2900 35 380 5.


40 32 6.three fifteen .75 2900 forty five 380 six.


forty 32 6.3 25 1.five 2900 42 380 5.


fifty 40 twelve.five twenty two.two 2900 47 380 3.five


50 40 twelve.5 32 three. 2900 forty six 380 3.5


65 fifty 25 20 three. 2900 fifty eight 380 four.


65 fifty 25 32 4. 2900 56 380 four.


eighty 65 50 20 seven.five 2900 sixty six 380 four.


80 sixty five 50 32 eleven 2900 sixty four 380 four.

CQB-one hundred-eighty-125F

100 80 100 20 fifteen 2900 72 380 4.

CQB-a hundred-eighty-160F

one hundred eighty a hundred 32 18.5 2900 70 380 four.

Cqb-F Type Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Pump Explosion-Proof Fluoroplastic Alloy Magnetic Pump