china supplier Vacuum Pump / Brake Bleeding Kit (MG50404A) manufacturers

Solution Description

Vacuum Pump / Brake Bleeding Kit

Suitable for examining vacuum systems or brake bleeding.
Vacuum range: to -30 inHg ( to -760 mmHg).
Set is made up of:
1x Vacuum Pump with Gauge
1x Accumulating Containers
1x Amassing Container Cap
8x Adapters
2x Clear CZPT s (short)
2x Transparent CZPT s (long)

How to Use a Brake CZPT Device Correctly

Drum brake maintenance and repair often call for the use of a brake spring device. This useful unit is used for positioning shoes, installing parking brake struts and shoe retracting springs, and altering screws. These techniques can be done more successfully if you know how to use your brake spring instrument properly.


Diaphragm oil-free pumps for glass, stainless steel, and plastic dryers. The hydrophobic PTFE in-line filter membrane is in place and includes particles more substantial than .1 microns. The pump features 1/8 HP, highest force of fifty PSI, and a greatest temperature of 38°C to avert fluid and air contamination, as well as exhaust backup. The pump characteristics oil-free procedure, rugged building, straightforward hose connections, and a highest constant force of 50 PSIG. Attributes Vacuum pump guards against all fluid and air contamination Can be utilized to prevent harmful exhaust backup Oil-free of charge procedure Rugged development/minimal routine maintenance 50 PSIG highest ongoing force
china supplier Vacuum Pump / Brake Bleeding Kit (MG50404A) manufacturers