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Solution Description

Product Description

Short Description of water circulating vacuum pump

SHZ-95B vertical circulating drinking water vacuum pump normally takes circulating drinking water as operating fluid, it truly is a new kind vacuum pump who is generating use of jet flow principle to make negative stress. It is not only a variety of vacuum pumping gadget, but also ready to offer circulating cooling water to reaction tools. It has features of no oil, no air pollution, lower sounds, anti-corrosion and flexible. Adopt anti-corrosion movement or stainless steel motion, vertical device and numerous purposes.

Product functions of SHZ-95B vertical circulating h2o vacuum pump:

one.Undertake five taps of single or several using, outfitted with a vacuum meter
2.No pollution, anti-corrosion, low sounds, hassle-free and durable in use, h2o and CZPT conserving
three.Major engine is produced by anti-corrosion motion or stainless steel motion
4.Modest quantity, light weight, simple to move and attractiveness in physical appearance
five.Indicator mild displaying substantial, medium and minimal when including water.

Complex Parameter

Product Sort


Flow Price (L/min)


Carry (m)


Energy (W)


Solitary end sucking price (L/min) 


Water storage tank volume(L)


Vacuum Diploma (Mpa)


Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)


Tap Variety

One meter five taps

Boundary Dimension (mm*mm*mm)


Entire body materials

Anti-corrosion Type

Sound (dB)


Lifeless CZPT ght (Kg)


Corollary Equipment 

Recommending CZPT s

Q: Do you settle for CZPT ized?

A: We can CZPT ize in CZPT dimensions.

Q: How will you shipping these merchandise?

A: It will be made a decision according to your quantity. Generally we will decide on CZPT Categorical, Air and sea.

Q: What is the advantages of h2o circulating vacuum pump?

1.Comparing to desk design pump, it has greater sucking rate, utilize to large vacuum sucking price.
2.5 faucets of single or several using. Parallel related with 5-way pipe(optional) has greater sucking fee, be able to satisfy demands of huge scale rotary evaporator or reactors.
3.Outfitted with new water knockout drum, posses multi-head jet, five taps of single or a number of using.
4.Apparent drinking water saving influence. Consider h2o circulating operation, steer clear of drinking water throwing away by immediately using tap water. Also, under situation of water temperature and water good quality is certain, incorporating h2o for as soon as is ready to use for a CZPT time. Particularly suited for laboratory in which is lack of h2o or in lower hydraulic stress.
5.Multi-function use. Connecting to faucet drinking water source, by acceptable water injecting can preserve circulating water’s temperature the same underneath constantly procedure, that not only ensure large vacuum degree, but also provide circulating cooling water.
6.Devoted electrical equipment is comes from CZPT electrical device manufacturer ODM, fluororubber sealing prevents corrosion gasoline from invading.
7.Mobile entire body is manufactured form PVC material, shell is manufactured from exceptional stainless metal(SUS common), anti-corrosion and no pollution.
eight.Equipped with caster which is convenient to shift, relevant to laboratories and workshops.

The suction developed by regenerative blowers is employed in a variety of industrial applications. They have a non-getting in contact with, quick rotating impeller, so they are use and routine maintenance cost-free. There are two annular unbiased side passages along the casing on equally sides of the impeller.
china sales Hydraulic Rotary Vane Industry Vacuum Pumps manufacturers