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West Tune WTVP-11Pro it is a higher pace, motor direct drive dual-phase oil sealed rotary vane pump, has a affordable construction design for reputable CZPT time constant procedure. It is an standard equipment to get vacuum and can be utilised to pump inactive gas in the scope of minimal vacuum and a little quantity of CZPT -condensable gasoline. WTVP-11Pro could make your equipment’s vacuum down to .3 micron in minutes. Standard with all essential parts and a substantial capability exhaust oil mist filter which also returns trapped pump oil back again to the pump and tends to make the pump quieter to run. Applications: extraction & distillation, coating, refrigeration, freeze drying, sterilization, devices examination, leak detection equipment, warmth therapy metallurgy, etc.

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1.Affordable framework & corrosion resist design and style for reliable CZPT time procedure 2.Two-Change adjustable gas ballast valve 3.Dual protection of oil anti-sucking again ensures vacuum system from oil air pollution when pump stops running and demands to be effortlessly restarted. 4.Pressured oil circulation program consisted of oil pump and consistent strain oil provide system guarantees secure working of the pump. 5.Less factors are employed, easy to keep and mend. 6.Regular with all essential areas and oil mist filter

Technical specs

Electrical needs

110V 60Hz, solitary period, 750W

Pumping rate

11.3 cfm (110V 60Hz), 9.3 cfm (220V fifty/60Hz)

Greatest vacuum without having gasoline ballast

.3 micron/millitorr

Ultimate vacuum with gasoline ballast

six micron/millitorr

Inlet/outlet link

KF25 flange

Oil quantity

.9~1.5 liter / .ninety five~1.59 quart

Motor price

1720 rpm (at 60Hz) or 1440 rpm (at 50Hz)

Working temperature

five to 40°C

Device/shipping and delivery proportions (LxWxH)

21×7.5×12″ / 29.5×9.5×16.5″

Unit/shipping and delivery fat

sixty six Lb / 75 Lb

Suggested oil

Ultra-grade 19

Sounds amount

< 58 dB

CE compliance



Two many years

Packing Record

Part description


WTVP-11Pro Vacuum Pump

one pc

Vacuum Oil

two bottles

KF25 SS vacuum bellow (3 ft)

one set

Oil Mist CZPT

1 set

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EP types and manufactures a wide variety of industrial vacuum pump systems. From ” to 29.90″ Hg, from major pump to enhance, from optimistic displacement to dynamic, our vacuum pumps go over a broad variety of running pressures, rules and technologies, such as oil-free of charge/dry and oil-lubricated rotary vane, oil-free of charge / Dry rotary screw, claw vacuum pumps, radial vacuum pumps and regenerative blowers configured for vacuum programs.
china near me West Tune Wtvp-21PRO 21cfm Corrosion Resist Rotary Vane High Vacuum Pump Lab 2 Phase makers