china near me Water Circulating Vacuum Pump for Corrosive Gas manufacturers

Item Description

SK/2SK type of drinking water circulating vacuum pump has this kind of advatages: Much less CZPT consuming, reduced sounds, can this sort of out normal fuel, inflatmmable and explosive gasoline, and the drinking water steam. If the main areas are modified with material or done anticorrosive therapy, it can also suck out the corrosive fuel. 2YK kind of oil circulating vacuum pump has high vacuum and can suit
For running strongly. It truly is widely utilized in the vacuum-plant therapy of metallurgy, healthcare industry, meals, electrical CZPT , medicine, and many others.

Model Ultimate Strain Pumping CZPT
Inlet Diam. (mm) Outlet Dia. (mm) Motor CZPT (kw)
hpa Torr
SZ-1 a hundred and sixty a hundred and twenty 1.five 70 70 four
S2-2 one hundred thirty a hundred 3.four 70 70 seven.five
SZ-3 eighty sixty 11.five 125 125 22
SZB-eight 150 one hundred ten .84 G1″ G1″ 3
SK-1.5 forty 30 1.five 40 40 four
SK-three 80 sixty three fifty fifty 5.five
SK-6 eighty sixty six fifty 50 11
SK-twelve forty 30 twelve 80 80 eighteen.five
SK-25 eighty sixty twenty five 100 100 37
2SK-3 forty thirty 3 50 fifty 7.5
2SK-6A 35 25 six 50 fifty eleven
2SK-twelve 35 25 twelve eighty 80 22
2SK-25 35 twenty five twenty five 100 one hundred 45
SK-3T 40 thirty three 50 50 5.5
SK-6T 40 30 six 80 eighty eleven
SK-25T 40 thirty twenty five a hundred 100 forty five
SK-45T forty six 35 45 150 150 75
2YK-3 six.six 5 three 50 50 seven.five
2YK-6A 6.6 5 6 fifty fifty 11
2YK-twelve 6.six five 12 80 80 22
2YK-twenty five six.6 5 25 a hundred a hundred forty five

Following sale support
One year Guarantee time. Within warranty period, for CZPT -artificial quality problem, we will fix and substitute spare areas for totally free. Apart from for typical wear and tear of areas.

We can give all type of pump

  1. centrifugal pump
  2. screw pump
  3. vortex pump
  4. gear pump
  5. diaphragm pump
  6. hydraulic deep nicely cargo pump
  7. electric deep properly cargo pump
  8. hand pump
  9. bulkhead seal
  10. tank washing device

EP patterns and manufactures a extensive variety of industrial vacuum pump technologies. From ” to 29.ninety” Hg, from main pump to enhance, from positive displacement to dynamic, our vacuum pumps include a vast assortment of functioning pressures, rules and technologies, such as oil-free/dry and oil-lubricated rotary vane, oil-totally free / Dry rotary screw, claw vacuum pumps, radial vacuum pumps and regenerative blowers configured for vacuum purposes.
china near me Water Circulating Vacuum Pump for Corrosive Gas manufacturers