China Laboratory Rotary Evaporator with Oil Bath Lifting Automatically

China Laboratory Rotary Evaporator with Oil Bath Lifting Automatically

China laboratory rotary evaporator with oil tub lifting immediately



Rotary evaporator is the use of stepless pace handle glass rotating bottle consistent pace rotation, the substance in the bottle wall to sort a large region uniform movie, and then by the intelligent continual temperature drinking water bathtub on the rotating bottle of uniform heating, vacuum circumstances, higher-pace evaporation, Effective glass condenser cooling, restoration in the assortment bottle.

5L mini rotary evaporator 10L-50L laboratory rotary evaporator



one. The principal body of the use of stainless steel + aluminum alloy, reasonable framework, components stress.
two. Glass parts are all large borosilicate glass (GG-17), higher temperature, anti-corrosion.
three. CZPT program imported fluorine rubber and Teflon two-way mixture of sealed, corrosion-resistant prolonged daily life, to maintain high vacuum.
4. Vacuum pressure gauge demonstrates actual-time vacuum, oily desk with anti-vibration qualities.
5. Vertical 3-tier serpentine coil condenser, the major chilly + cold dual condenser to guarantee large recovery fee.
6. Can be steady feeding for customers to use, valve-type feeding valve sets of tetrafluoroethylene tube.
seven. Collection of bottles with a discharge materials to aid the evaporation of the collection of extract, discharge.
8. Check out valve manage, steady discharge, the machine in the functioning condition, can be vacuum switch.
9. All valves with the latest one hand wheel valve, great sealing, the procedure is much more basic and hassle-free
ten. Microcomputer power swap control.
eleven. Liquid crystal display entire screen screen, temperature, velocity double electronic display, bath pot thermostat manage, PT100 sensor fast and exact delivery temperature.
12. DC brushless motor, rotating steadiness, no spark, slow improve force.
thirteen. Tub electric carry, lift portion of the use of slowdown electricity motor, lifting procedure far more effortlessly.
fourteen. pot gallbladder with substantial top quality 304 stainless steel, corrosion and resilient, pot gallbladder outer layer of silicone layer, high temperature use a lot more safe.
15. More than-temperature safety protection function, when the real temperature exceeds the established temperature of 5 ºC, the device will automatically change off the electricity.
sixteen. anti-dry operate, heating pot water stage underneath the heating pipe, the machine will automatically power off.
17. If the machine is out of the blue run off and the power is turned on yet again, the equipment will immediately cease heating



Product LRE-five LRE-ten LRE-20 LRE-fifty
Voltage 220V/50HZ/60HZ 220V/50HZ/60HZ 220V/50HZ/60HZ 220V/50HZ/60HZ
Rotary motor 30W 60W 60W 100W
CZPT motor 20W 40W 40W 60W
Heating electricity 2KW 4.5KW 5KW 8KW
Vacuum diploma .098Mpa .098Mpa .098Mpa .098Mpa
Rotary flask 5L 10L 20L 50L
Φ230mm/Φ80mm Φ280mm/Φ95mm Φ355mm/Φ95mm Φ3550mm/Φ95mm Flange mouth
Flange mouth Flange mouth Flange mouth  
Collection flask 3L 5L 10L 20L
Φ195mm/Φ50m Φ230mm/Φ50mm Φ280mm/Φ60mm Φ355mm/Φ60mm
Flange mouth Flange mouth Flange mouth Flange mouth
Rotary velocity -120rpm/min -120rpm/min -120rpm/min -120rpm/min
Temp. controlling range -400ºC -400ºC -400ºC -400ºC
Temp. accuracy ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC ±1ºC
Glass bear temp.  -eighty-250ºC  -80-250ºC  -80-250ºC  -eighty-250ºC
Oil tub lifting stroke -a hundred and forty(mm) -a hundred and eighty(mm) -a hundred and eighty(mm) -one hundred eighty(mm)
Condenser measurement Φ120×630H(mm) Principal Φ130×640H(mm) ViceΦ130×410H(mm) MainΦ130×680H(mm)  ViceΦ130×410H(mm) Main Φ160×840H(mm) ViceΦ160×480H(mm)
Feeding valve Φ35 Flange mouth Φ35 Flange mouth Φ35 Flange mouth Φ35 Flange mouth
Launch valve Φ35 Flange mouth*two Φ35 Flange mouth*two Φ35 Flange mouth*2 Φ35 Flange mouth*2
Discharge valve Φ10mmm Glass facet discharge port Φ10mmm Glass aspect discharge port Φ10mmm Glass side Φ10mmm Glass side discharge port
 discharge port
Bathtub measurement Φ280×170H(mm) Φ350×220H(mm) Φ450×250H(mm) Φ550×320H(mm)
10L 21L 39L 76L
Dimension 920*490*1300(mm) 1100*four hundred*1900 1200*500*2000 1400*600*2250
Packing dimensions 790L×430W×1060H(mm) 1070L×520W×1210H(mm) 1070L×520W×1210H(mm) 1270L×620W×1440H(mm)
Packing weight 80kg 95kg 102kg 118kg

1. How to decide on the suited design of rotary evaporator?

Rotary flask is 1L to 100L volume, explosion evidence is optional. Oil bathtub lifting and main body lifting are the two obtainable. Select the 1 you want. 
You can also notify us your ask for, we will recommend the suited one particular for you.

2. What is the Max. temperature?

The Max. temp. of oil bathtub can achieve 250degree.

three. Vacuum pump is needed?

Sure, vacuum pump is much better to use with each other with rotary evaporator.

four. Do i need to have to get chiller together?

Chiller can speed up the distillation pace, we suggest to get with each other.

5. What need to i do if glass broken for the duration of transportation?

Our package deal is really robust and dependable. If glass broken since of transportation, we will deliver new glass areas for free.
We have exported for many several years, glass in no way broken during transporation until now.

six. What about Guarantee?

12months, not like glass.


China Laboratory Rotary Evaporator with Oil Bath Lifting Automatically