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Product Description

2XZ series vacuum pump

Attribute attributes and functions: 
A compact framework, modest dimensions, light-weight fat, low noise, vibration and little advantages. Therefore, it applies to the proliferation of pumps for the 1st-phase pumps, but also applies to supporting sophisticated products and laboratory use. For example: mass spectrometry, fridge lines, vacuum freeze-drying device.
Overall performance:

Model Ventilation rate
Restrict vacuum
Electric CZPT
Inlet diameter
Layman Dimensions (L × W × H)
2XZ-.25 .25 6×10-1 220/.twelve Φ10 fifteen 400×125×224
2XZ-.5 .five 6×10-two 380 220/.18 Φ16 eighteen 445×125×256
2XZ-one 1 6×10-2 380 220/.25 Φ16 19 445×125×256
2XZ-two 2 6×10-2 380 220/.37 Φ25 27 478×148×277
2XZ-four four 6×10-2 380 220/.55 Φ25 30 518×148×277

2X travel vane vacuum pump
Department of 2X travel vane vacuum pump oil seal mechanical vacuum pump is used for pumping gas sealed container vacuumequipment. It may be utilised by yourself, can also be connected together as forepump use, booster pumps, diffusion pumps, molecular pump and the like ultra-substantial vacuum. 
Commonly employed in the manufacture of electronic products, vacuum drying, filtration, impregnated, coated with wax, welding, smelting, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum, medical,pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, electric vacuum, semiconductor, foods, atomic power, textile and other research institutes, universities and colleges school, industrial and mining enterprises.

  Task 2X-4A   2X-8   2X-15   2X-30A   2X-70A   Remark
Pumping pace(L/S) four eight fifteen thirty 70 Sitting compression mercury vacuum gauge pump port measurements
Ultimate vacuum(Pa) <=6*ten-2(<=5*ten-4Torr)
Spindle velocity(Rpm) 450 320 320 450 420 Thermocouple meter, resistance meter, manometer measurements are for reference only
Motor CZPT (Kw) .55 one.1 two.2 3 5.5
Noise<[dB(A)] seventy two 75 eighty 82 86 JB/T6533-1997
Inspiratory caliber(mm) twenty five 40 forty 65 80 786×276×470
The sum of vacuum pump oil(L) 1. two. 2.8 2. 4.two  
Dimensions Long five hundred 790 790 780 910  
Broad 340 430 530 500 600  
High 410 540 540 560 seven-hundred  
63/61 152 195 241 437  
Cooling h2o consumption(L/H) Natural cooling 480 480 Obtain to water screw bar

SHZ-D(III)  Circulating-drinking water Multifunction Vacuum Pump
Characteristic features and purposes: 

According to the experiment of this pump is a modest area, and the layout of a new kind of desktop-circulating drinking water pumps, their capabilities and utilizes the same type and B, utilised primarily stainless metal. Gao, recycling devices, vacuum stability, excellent seems, little measurement, trendy exclusive. 
one  double-faucet the equipment can be used independently or in parallel with the two vacuum desk. 
two  mainframe making use of stainless steel production, CZPT plastics for the box. 
three  corrosion-resistant, CZPT -polluting, lower sounds, cellular ease, but also in accordance with user requirements to put in vacuum regulator. 
Primary complex parameters:

  Overall performance Distribution       The Overall performance          
Design Energy Functioning voltage Elevate Entire body content The biggest vacuum Single-quantity ventilation Exhaust the very first few Tank quantity Dimensions look L×W×H Aircraft CZPT ght
SHZ-D one hundred eighty 220/50 8 Lcr18 .098 10 two fifteen 380×280×420 15

Users notes: 
  Correct selection vacuum immediate effect on the life of its use and the usefulness of the state in the very same situations, to pick the correct or not, there are many moments its pump lifestyle numerous occasions, and even a few hundred times even worse. 
one  work Vacuum 
2  drawn function of the vacuum exhaust time 
three  vacuum system or vacuum tank volume 
4  pumped gas media names, temperature and concentration 
5  whether flammable, explosive and poisonous gases and pH 
6  Selection vacuum reference samples can be transformed may possibly ask for the specialist and technological staff advised in get to acquire satisfactory results 
7  For unique requirements, the provision of special aid can be developed and created.
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
“Nanbei” GM-.50B diaphragm vacuum pump has features of much more CZPT d style, increased efficiency, CZPT er working life. It is an all new solution partaking in the new and high engineering. It is mainly used in medicinal products analysis, tenuously chemical CZPT , biochemical pharmacy, foodstuff examination, investigating and resolving prison scenario, and so on. It is an ideal item utilized with the high-precision chromatogram equipment, rotary evaporators, and it is the important gear in the laboratory.
The physique of “Nanbei” GM-.50II diaphragm vacuum pump is manufactured of aluminum alloy via die casting. It is antiseptic, sprayed, agile and beautiful. It has the attributes of greater antisepsis, broader functioning range. It can meet demands of all varieties of working environments.
Strategy parameter

Velocity of Evacuation (L/Min) thirty Pump Head 2
Ultimate Force
Voltage Score 230Vac, 50Hz
(L x B x H)(mm)
300×120×235 Temp of the entire body(ºC) <55
Motor CZPT (w) 160 Weight (Kg) 10
Inlet  (mm)
Outlet (mm)
Doing work Temp(ºC) seven-40 Sounds Level(dB) <50

one. How can I choose the suitable one?
Pricey CZPT er, remember to notify us your thorough demands by mail or online, we will advocate the appropriate one as your request.
two. Does your value is competitive?
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five. How to produce?
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six. Is will be damaged in the course of transportation?
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seven. What should I do if I do not know how to use?
Expensive CZPT er, please do not be concerned, handbook consumer will be despatched with each other, you can also contact us with a lot more technological assist.
eight. What should I do if some parts damaged?
Pricey CZPT er, please do not be concerned, we have 12months warranty apart from  wear components. You can also buy elements from us following 12months.

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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Sturdy rotary vane pumps are also appropriate for high differential pressures in vacuum applications. Eccentrically mounted rotors with grooves rotate in cylindrical housings the place exactly mounted sliding vanes move and individual doing work chambers
china Custom High Quality Water Circulating Vacuum Pump manufacturers