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Solution Description

XD collection rotary vane vacuum pump is a single-phase multi-vane type vacuum pump seal, is a basic vacuum products. It has an eccentric pump with the pump set up and a set straight linetangent to the within area of the rotor, the rotor slot could have a few radial sliding vane. Centrifugal drive when the rotor vane and the wall is often speak to with the pump, rotary vane pump chamber quantity can be divided into 3 operating chamber cycle. Operating chamber volume of the cycle do so to total the suction pump, exhaust. Every swap, pump the fuel getting rid of element of the container until it reaches the restrict of vacuum stress.

one. Direct transmission, compact, light-weight fat
two. Air cooling, no h2o, simple to work, use, minimal servicing fees
three. Multi-vane and the base is equipped with rubber pads, clean, tiny vibration
4. Turn a pump oil separator can properly eliminate little oil mist exhaust
5. Pump design and style with automated oil circulation technique, typically without refueling
6. Pump that has the computerized suction valve when the pump stops functioning, automaticallypump suction valve and pumping technique to be isolated to avoid the pump is pumping the oil back into the method
7. Pumping effectiveness, the inlet strain shut to the limit pressure is even now a high pumping pace.

Functionality Parameters

  Product Capability
(m 3 /h)
Limited Pre. ≤ (Pa)

XD-xx(Z) XD-xxQ


Oil Consumption
Inlet Fat
XD-10 ten 200 3000 .37 1400 .5 G 1/2″ sixteen 69
XD-20 twenty 200 3000 .9(220).seventy five 2800 .5 G 1/2″ 18 seventy one
XD-25 twenty five 200 3000 .9 2800 .5 G 3/4″ 18 seventy three
XD-40 forty 200 2000 one.5 1440 one.five G 1 1/4″ fifty eight seventy five
XD-sixty three 63 200 2000 1.5 1440 2 G 1 1/4″ 62 seventy six
XD-100 100 200 2000 3 1440 two.five G 1 1/4″ 89 77
XD-160 one hundred sixty 200 2000 four 1440 nine G 2″ one hundred forty five seventy nine
XD-250 250 two hundred 2000 7.5 1440 9 G 2″ 200 eighty

Vacuum pumps consist of rotary vane pumps, combination pumps, diaphragm pumps, and scroll pumps, providing a selection of vacuum pump options. Rotary vane direct travel vacuum pumps offer a reliable supply of vacuum for a range of laboratory goods such as freeze dryers, protective controlled environment glove packing containers, and centrifugal vacuum concentrators. EP vacuum pumps combine a substantial-functionality rotary vane pump with a chemically resistant diaphragm pump for minimal servicing, extended-lasting vacuum pumps.
china Cheap Xd Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump manufacturers