Bw200 Mud Pump for Water Well Drilling

Bw200 Mud Pump for Water Well Drilling

BW160 mud pump 

The BW-160 mud pump is a Horizontal single urn twin-action pump, 
It is mainly used to supply flushing fluid to the drilling well in engineering drill’s 
bedrock drilling or exploratory drilling. 
BW160 mud pump is small volume, light weight,
 easy operate and repair



 Single cylinder double-action horizontal sort mud pump

Stroke (mm)

 eighty fivemm

Liner diameter




Rated pressure


Energy device

 5.5kW electrical motor  /  8Hp diesel engine

Inlet hose diameter


Outlet hose diameter


Excess weight



 ( L * W * H )

 1300 × 980 × 980mm


BW200 mud pump 

BW-200 mud pump is horizontal double-acting reciprocating duplex piston pump.
It is mainly used for feeding flushing fluid to feel drilling in
core drilling process. It is lightweight,compact and is more suitable used in geological prospect.

To meet diamond drilling,BW-200 mud pump is fixed two-variety-diameter cylinder liner Φ80mm and Φ65mm,
When the hole depth is 600m,we can use cylinder liner of Φ80mm,
When the hole depth is 1000m,we use cylinder liner of Φ65mm.


Variety Horizontal sort
Function kinds Double-acting
Cylinder quantity 2
Cylinder sleeve diameter(mm) 80,sixty five
Stroke (mm) 85
Reciprocate time
(counts for each min)
one hundred forty five
Displacement (L/min) two hundred twenty five
Operating stress(Mpa) four,six
Shaft speed(r/min) 530
V-belt pulley section size(mm) 385
V-belt pulley type and slot quantity B type*five slot
Rated energy 18HP diesel motor or11KW electric engine
Suction pipe diameter(mm) sixty five
Drain pipe diameter(mm) 37
Dimension (length*width*top) 1050*630*820mm
Weight (KG) three hundred


BW250 mud pump

Horizontal, three-cylinder single-performing, reciprocal piston pump, used to supply flushing fluid to the drilling well in engineer. 


It can match 1500m drilling machine at the deepest, and it can also perfue slurry. 

This pump is power saving, easy to operate, high quality and durable, easy to disassemble and relocate.


 Unity machine parameter


 Horizontal Triplex cylinder single acting piston pump

 Power Unit

 Diesel engine 15kw

 Matching Drilling depth

 1000 m

 Max. Stress


 Suction pipe diameter


 Outlet Pipe diameter



 L 1100 * W 995 * H 650



Bw200 Mud Pump for Water Well Drilling