Automatic Granule Dehumidifying and Drying Distribution System

Automatic Granule Dehumidifying and Drying Distribution System

CZPT granule, centralized feeding technique, granule dehumidifying

        The centralized management of the plastic pellet centralized feeding technique can recognize distant handle operation, and one vacuum pump can feed multiple machines.
The system’s uncooked components are stored or stacked in a centralized method, and the dust is gathered centrally, absent from the internet site, and automatically feed to increase the clear setting of the workshop and ensure that raw materials are not polluted.
       Remedy the confusion of uncooked material placement, it is straightforward to make mistakes when including raw supplies, and dust can not be collected centrally. The centralized feeding program can minimize workers’ feeding, the uncooked materials do not need to be manually moved, lowering labor depth.
The granules are dehumidified and dried for centralized processing, and the uncooked resources are conveyed in a closed sort.
       The plastic centralized feeding program can understand the conveyance of several different raw materials, fairly distribute the processed uncooked components in accordance to the established sorts, and speedily switch tools and raw supplies.

Uncooked content → storage → metering → drying → conveying → use
The centralized feeding technique adopts a single machine and one particular tube, and the sealed circuit style approach ensures the stable operation of the entire system, and there is totally no plastic humidity and substance blocking. It is used in conjunction with a central dryer (dehumidifier) system to permit dry air to re-dry the uncooked materials to prevent the plastic from drying back again soon after drying. At the very same time, the pipeline is cleaned soon after every single conveying cycle to make certain that there is no residue in the pipeline. Although keeping away from the rewetting of the raw components, the consistency of the raw materials added to the injection molding machine is also confirmed. Underneath the same result of vacuum adverse strain, the CZPT dust in the uncooked supplies is filtered out by the filter (dust collector) method, which is useful to bettering the product top quality.
Central console

  1. Employing PLC and large-size 10.four-inch color human-device interface contact panel, straightforward to recognize and effortless to operate
  2. Color setting shows a variety of configurations, procedure and operation standing
  3. It has the capabilities of emptying and clearing the substance tube, automatic dust cleansing and dust collection, and the central feeding host A and B alternately and instantly swap and guide material variety and mistake avoidance capabilities

4. Incorporate a uncooked substance handle display screen to keep track of the raw supplies used by each molding machine, suction, lack of materials, and a variety of abnormalities of the central host (motor).

Centralized feeding attributes

Feeding host qualities

      1. The layout of the motor does not quit to keep away from frequent starting up of the motor and reduction.
      2. With basic safety pressure reduction valve, when the host’s movement strain is also huge, the basic safety set value is overloaded, and the strain relief valve immediately releases stress to shield the motor
      3. The two A and B feeding hosts are alternated, and there is an automatic switching valve design to make sure the balance of uncooked materials transportation.

Cyclone dust collector

  1. Integrated design of air filter and cyclone dust collector to successfully acquire dust with natural centrifugal pressure
  2. High-strain gasoline storage tank can be attached and the filter can be cleaned instantly
  3. The dust collector is geared up with an air cut valve, which can successfully move the dust of the dust collector without having halting.


Automatic Granule Dehumidifying and Drying Distribution System