Waste Water Treatment SSR Tri-Lobe Rotary Type Blower

Waste Water Treatment SSR Tri-Lobe Rotary Type Blower

SSR Tri-Lobe Roots Blower

Japanese CZPT


Bore   50~two hundred
Suction-period Air Quantity(m3/min)   .seventy eight~60
Discharge Force(kPa)   9.eight~fifty eight.8


Bore   50~two hundred
Suction-stage Air Volume(m3/min)   .86~58.65
Discharge Stress(kPa)   ~-39.2


Bore   fifty~250
Suction-period Air Quantity(m3/min)   1.24~ninety
Discharge Stress(kPa)   9.8~seventy eight.four


Bore   50~250
Suction-section Air Volume(m3/min)   .86~87.three
Discharge Pressure(kPa)   ~-44

Type: 3-lobe, reduced sounds level, helical roots sort.

Utilization: Sewage therapy, pneumatec program, vacuum application, aquatic farming and so on.

1.The helical design makes use of the stator helical strategy that the screen strains of casing at the suction and discharge sides are reduce to a helical shape,and the triangle suction and discharge port formed by a straight line of the rotor best is to be opened and closed slowly.
two.The rotors are 3 lobes.
3.By adoption of an special profile of rotor, the clearance between the rotors can be held to be consistent, which makes the performance even greater.
four.The precision of rotors is completely controlled and variation of precision between blowers is almost nil due to the fact the rotors are developed beneath the mass creation manage by making use of a prenision NC maching.
5.The superior driving gears are adopted but only to extend  the use lifestyle but also to make sounds reduced.
six.The transported air is clear and is any oil-dust free oil lubrication is not required in casing and the framework design and style prerent the bearing oil and gear oil from getting into the casing.

Waste Water Treatment SSR Tri-Lobe Rotary Type Blower