W, Wy Series Horizontal Reciprocating Vacuum Pumps in China

W, Wy Series Horizontal Reciprocating Vacuum Pumps in China

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Product Major characteristic:
W,WY sequence horizontal reciprocating vacuum pumps Characteristics:
W sort vacuum pump adopts the circle-shaped stationary valve, and its  greatest pressure (absolute force) is decrease than 2600Pa. The WY variety vacuum  pumps adopt stripe-shaped relocating valves,and its ultimate force is decrease than 1300Pa.
The pumps are principally utilised in the chemical sector,pharmaceutical,light sector,constructing material and electrical equipment and so forth.
CZPT transmission part:
The mechanical transmission element of the entire system is in a shut body, and the vacuum pump crankshaft is supported in tapered roller bearings on each sides of the entire body. A massive pulley is mounted on one finish of the crankshaft to drive the transmission portion. The connecting rod connects the journal of the crankshaft with the crosshead. A massive pulley is mounted at a single stop of the piston rod to generate the transmission part. The other finish is mounted on the tapered bore of the piston and secured by a nut. The motor and the little pulley mounted on the shaft travel the crankshaft to rotate by the triangular tape, so that the piston reciprocates in the cylinder by means of the motion of the connecting rod and the crosshead.
When the connecting rod crank mechanism moves in the machine human body, the lubricating oil in the oil pool is splashed to lubricate the friction floor of the bearing, crankshaft neck, crosshead and slip. In order to aid the inspection and routine maintenance of the transmission mechanism, the door is supplied with a removable doorway include on equally sides and the back, and an oil window is organized on the rear go over to indicate the oil level of the oil pool in the human body.
Gasoline circulation portion:
The air chamber and the cylinder are integrally fashioned, the air inlet chamber is offered with an ingestion valve as an air inlet, and the air chamber is provided with an exhaust valve as an exhaust port, and a valve plate and a coil spring are fashioned on the air groove of the valve to sort a examine valve. To handle the intake and exhaust and automate the gas distribution.
There is a piston in the cylinder, and the piston is outfitted with a piston ring to make certain that the ends of the cylinder separated by the piston are airtight. When the piston reciprocates in the cylinder, the quantity at the two ends of the cylinder is continually transformed, the region of one end enlarges the suction gas, and the other stop lowers the exhaust gasoline. The combined motion of the piston and the air valve periodically completes the suction and exhaust of the vacuum pump.
The cooling h2o flowing in the h2o jacket of the cylinder requires the warmth created by the compressed floor of the gas and the warmth generated by the friction of the metallic surface area, so that the cylinder does not overheat. The cooling h2o flows into the h2o from under the cylinder head, and flows out of the vacuum pump by way of the h2o outlet of the drinking water jacket.
The friction surface amongst the internal wall of the cylinder and the piston ring is lubricated by the oil cup mounted on the cylinder.
W series reciprocating vacuum pumps use:
W sequence pump (a.k.a Piston vacuum pump) is a single of the primary tools gaining tough vacuum, used for evacuating air in a sealed vessel. It extensively employed in the chemical and foods industries, and is notably suitable for pumping gases in the vacuum distilling, vaporizing, dipping, concentrating, crystal, drying and filtering.
W series vacuum pump overall performance parameters:

W,WY Sequence Horizontal reciprocating vacuum pump  in china:

Design WY-fifty(V5) WY-one hundred(W4) WY-two hundred(W5) W3 W4-A W4-one W5-1 W-three hundred
Suction air velocity(m3/h) 200 370 770 two hundred 370 370 770 1080
Optimum stress(Pa) 1300 1300 1300 2600 2600 2600 2600 2600
Rotation Velocity(r/min) 300 200 two hundred three hundred two hundred 530 430 three hundred
Motor power(KW) five.five 11 22 five.5 eleven eleven 22 thirty
Cylinder diameter(mm) 250 x 150 350 x 200 455 x 250 250 x one hundred fifty 350 x two hundred 250 x one hundred fifty 350 x 200 450 x two hundred
Air inlet/outlet diameter(mm) two” four” 5″ 2″ 4″ 4″ five” four”
H2o inlet/outlet diameter(mm) ½” ½” ¾” ½” ¾” ½” ¾” ¾”
Quantity(mm) Size(mm) 1435 1819 2357 1418 1809 1486 1805 1980
Width(mm) 624 876 1571 630 876 520 670 745
Top(mm) 710 900 1162 650 900 720 860 980

WL W Sequence vertical oil-totally free reciprocating vacuum pump

Product Suction air velocity(L/S) Maximum pressure(Pa) Motor Power(KW) Rotation Pace(r.p.m) Air inlet/outlet diameter(mm) Bodyweight(KG)
WL W-five hundred fifty 2600 four 350 G2.5″ 500
WL W-a hundred one hundred 2600 7.five 355 a hundred 800
WL W-a hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty 2600 11 235 a hundred twenty five 1300
WL W-two hundred 200 2600 15 310 a hundred twenty five 1350
WL W-three hundred 300 2600 22 460 one hundred twenty five 1400
WL W-600 600 2600 45 310 two hundred 3200


Q: What’s your MOQ?
A: One set

Q: What are the brings about of no flow or inadequate stream of centrifugal pump?
A: There is air in the suction pipe or pump, which requirements to be discharged. Air leakage is located in the suction pipeline, and the leakage is fixed. If the valve of suction line or discharge line is closed, appropriate valve shall be opened. If the suction peak is as well substantial, recalculate the set up height. The suction line is also tiny or blocked.

Q: How to resist cavitation in centrifugal pump?
A: Improve the structure layout from the suction to the impeller of the centrifugal pumpAdopt double phase suction impeller and use anti-cavitation materials

Q:What is the perform of rubber ball in drinking water ring vacuum pump?
A: CZPT ball in water ring vacuum pump, the right name is known as rubber ball valve. Its function is to remove the pump gear in the procedure method of the phenomenon of more than compression or inadequate compression.

Q:How lengthy is warranty?
A:1 yr formain design guarantee.

Q:How can I pay for my items? What is the payment you can give
A:Generally by T/T, thirty%-50% deposit payment after PI/Contract confirmed, then the remaining stability will be paid out following inspection and just before cargo via T/T or L/C
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W, Wy Series Horizontal Reciprocating Vacuum Pumps in China