Stainless Steel Milk High Pressure Homogenizer

Stainless Steel Milk High Pressure Homogenizer

CZPT Metal Milk High Strain Homogenizer

Overall performance:
This tools is a kind of versatile tools which can make liquid substance into higher-strain spray or homogeneous. The high force homogenizer pump reciprocates the pump placement, very presses the liquid, totally mixes and refines the materials.

The equipment consists of:
Homogenization method, transmission program, cooling method and body, etc.

The transmission program drives a few reciprocating plunger pistons to pressure the substance in the pump body of homogenization method types pumping and compression.

Through the management of one way valve, the content liquid creates robust strain.

Below these kinds of robust strain, the substance is efficiently fined and homogenized beneath multi-outcomes of turbulent circulation, emptiness, growth without stress and powerful effect when passing by means of the homogenization program.

This homogenizer is broadly utilized in food, dairy products, beverage, medication sector, refining chemical business and organic technologies.

The large pressure homogenizer pump is also the important gear for the powder manufacture. (This kind of as pharmaceutical industry, chemical business, and many others. )
The higher force homogenizer can use to homogenize the dairy merchandise content in substantial force, refine the body fat globule, avoid or reduce the stratifying of the liquid materials Make the product significantly more good, to improve the top quality of the item.

The under is homogenizer specification:

Identify type Rated flowL/H
Rated pressure
Operating pressureMPa  
Size (cm) Electrical power Kw
Substantial force
GJB500-twenty five 500 twenty five ~twenty 670 100×75×110 5.5
GJB1000-25 a thousand twenty five ~twenty 670 100×75×110 7.5
GJB1500-twenty five 1500 twenty five ~twenty 720 100×75×110 eleven
GJB1000-thirty a thousand thirty ~24 720 100×75×110 eleven
GJB2000-25 2000 twenty five ~twenty 1150 100×75×110 18.5
GJB2500-25 2500 twenty five ~twenty 1250 100×75×110 22
GJB3000-25 3000 twenty five ~twenty 1350 100×75×110 thirty
GJB4000-twenty five 4000 25 ~20 1400 100×75×110 37
GJB5000-25 5000 25 ~20 2000 100×75×110 45

Stainless Steel Milk High Pressure Homogenizer