Self – Priming Sewage Pump

Self - Priming Sewage Pump

Flow: five – 800 m3/h
Head: 10 – eighty m
Electricity: 2.2 – 55 kW
Speed: 1450 or 2900 r/min
Calibre: Φ 2 5-Φ three hundred
Temperature: ≤ eighty deg C
PH Value: six-nine CZPT metal two-thirteen
Self-priming high: four.5-5.5 m

Functionality and Advantages:

Integration of self-priming and non-blockage blowdown Axial reflux variety with outer recirculation Dependable self-priming overall performance Powerful blowdown ability High performance CZPT saving Easy for operation and provider.

Selection of Application:

Relevant for municipal sewage discharge, aquiculture, light market, papermaking, textile, foodstuff, chemical, electrical power, fibre, to take care of paste, blended suspended matters, and other chemical mediums.

Self - Priming Sewage Pump