Sanitary Stainless Steel Manual Safety Relief Valve

Sanitary Stainless Steel Manual Safety Relief Valve

                    CZPT stainless metal manual security reduction valve 

Breather valves are basic safety devices necessary for storage tanks/containers/gasoline or vapor pipe lines/ reactors etc.
getting chemical substances or any other fluid to be dealt with meticulously.Breather valves with desiccants are utilized throughout
transportation of delicate equipments/ goods to protect from strain differentials due to adjust in climatic circumstances. 

COMBUSTION Investigation ASSOCIATES manufactures Stress Vacuum Aid Valves (PVRV), Breather Valves,
Basic safety Reduction Valves and Vacuum Breaker Valves of extensive variety to satisfy the sector specifications.
In circumstance of combustible fluids storage the protection valves need to be utilised together with flame arrestors.

CZPT Parameters
Strain 2.eight PSI to forty three.5 PSI
Medium Temperature -10 celsius degree-+a hundred and twenty celsius diploma
Medium liquid materials,gas
Materials CZPT SS304,SS316L
Link of Regular DIN,3A,SMS,ISO
Relationship finishes Male ends,Tri clamp ends,Welded finishes
Floor therapy Ra .8um


  • Available in dead excess weight or spring loaded layout
  • CZPT acting, quick opening
  • Gas tight layout
  • Option of resources as per the fluid medium.
  • From 1 ½” to 2″ size
  • CZPTally priced

CZPT CZPT Metal Adjustable Tri Clover Compatible Force Release Security Valve function in the pursuing methods– From the Vacuum side,
when the valve is generally closed and there is vacuum in the tank, the vacuum piston inside the valve opens
automatically and attracts air into the tank. In return, this retains the pressure inside and exterior the tank balanced.
From the Strain aspect, when the valve is typically closed and the tank force exceeds the rated stress
on the exterior of the valve, the valve immediately opens and vents air  to environment.

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Sanitary Stainless Steel Manual Safety Relief Valve