Rubber Molding Machine for Wrist Band Silicone Products

Rubber Molding Machine for Wrist Band Silicone Products

Double doing work station rubber and silicone molding equipment, with double pump and 2 layer open mould fashion, higher precision, entire automatic, quickly speed hydraulic machine.

CZPT primary feature:
one. With proofread gradual velocity of mould function, proofread mildew much more accurate, a lot more safe
2. Suited for range two-levels or multi-levels molds, it is a kind of new multi-purpose device
3. Adopt dual energy specific circuit design, secure, tranquil, lower failure fee, two axes can be operated simultaneously
4. With adjustable slow speed of mould features to match different sorts of modules
5. Out-In mold positioning precision, positioning a hundred% security, to guarantee that mildew does not damage

Major components instruction for plate & vacuum rubber device

NO. Product Branch/Substance Remarks
1 Motor ZheJiang Tatung Big torque kind, quiet and silent
2 Oil Pump Japan branch Collective type circuit layout
three PLC Japan Mitsubishi Impartial written, effortless to function
4 Lcd touch display ZheJiang PanelMaster Very clear and intuitive, hassle-free, effortless to work
five Heating pipes ZheJiang department Nickel-chromium alloy wire, by no means rust
6 Oil seal Japan NOK Dress in-resistant, sturdy, no leakage
7 Solenoid valve ZheJiang CZPToria Controlled rapidly, prolonged daily life
8 Other electrical
Japan Fujitsu, Great
Wall, Chint and so on
Efficiency and balance
9 Thermostat Omron Making use of PID correction, temperature uniform
distribution, the error value at ± three ºC
10 Stress sensor Denmark TRAFAG Conduction force correct, impartial, and effortless
to use
eleven Heating control
ZheJiang Strong Point out
temperature uniform distribution, the error price
at ± 3 ºC
12 CZPT human body casting FCD50 Ductile Iron Getting older passivation, higher tensile energy
13 Column CZPT Steel Hardness up to HRC55–fifty eight
fourteen Work plate Measurement as for each quotation 45 # high carbon steel, grinding, floor nitriding hardness HRC50-fifty five
fifteen CZPT Center body Umbrella tapered layout Make the machine increase and tumble by force, the mould cavity stress evenly, the product is not lack of materials, no bubbles
sixteen Vacuum Pump Germany Busch Evacuated rapidly, can achieve 760 mm Hg within five CZPTs

Applicable products:
Used to industrial rubber parts, Automobile components, healthcare bottle stoppers, home ware, cookware, silicone/rubber multi-layer molded items


Product 100Ton 150Ton 200Ton 250Ton 300Ton 350Ton 400Ton 450Ton
Clamping power(Ton) 100 150 two hundred 250 300 350 400 450
Stroke(mm) 250 250 250 250 300 three hundred three hundred 300
Heating plate dimensions(mm) 400×400 450×460 560×560 600×650 650×650 750×700 850×850 1000×1000
Principal cylinder diameter(mm) 250 three hundred 355 400 450 475 500 560
Horse electricity(HP) 5×2 5×2 10×2 10×2 10×2 15×2 15×2 15×2
CZPTtrical energy(KW) twelve 17 22 34 34 forty three forty eight seventy two
Gross excess weight(KG) 4500 5500 7000 9000 11000 15000 17500 21500
CZPT dimension(L*W*H mm) 2360x1650x1850 2650x2000x2000 2930x2350x2100 3200x2700x2500 3460x2630x2500 3650x2600x2610 3750x2700x2800 4200x3300x3300

HangZhou City CZPT equipment Co., Ltd
CZPT machine, silicone substance molding equipment, injection machine, rubber equipment manufacturers / suppliers in China, delivering substantial-precision rubber injection molding machine, rubber & silicone pressing equipment, entire automatic higher velocity molding press and so on.

CZPT main parts:
Undertake foreign imported, such as Japan Mitsubishi PLC handle technique, Germany’s Siemens control system, ZheJiang PanelMaster HMI, Japan YUKEN oil pump, ZheJiang heating pipes, ZheJiang CZPToria solenoid valves, Denmark TRAFAG strain sensors, Japan NOK oil seal, ZheJiang Tatung motors, Omron thermostat, Germany Busch vacuum pump, Fujitsu and other intercontinental brand names accessories, stable high quality, outstanding overall performance, reduced failure price.

HangZhou Metropolis CZPT machinery Co., Ltd is found in HangZhou city, ZheJiang , China, covers an area of 28000 square meters. Our firm was established given that 2003 and started by a group of skilled engineers who are effectively knowledge in rubber & silicone equipment manufacturing. To fulfill our customers’ specifications, we have been adhering to layout innovation, quality 1st and also give customized made provider.

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Rubber Molding Machine for Wrist Band Silicone Products