Rotary Gas Separator for Electrical Submersible Pump

Rotary Gas Separator for Electrical Submersible Pump

Item Description:

Separator is a unit that separates fuel from properly fluid. Oil wells usually have free of charge fuel that can simply brings about the interruption of fluid continuous circulation within of pump program, which impacts the equipment overall performance. The RGS can individual gasoline and nicely liquid to eliminate or lessen the affect of gas on the perform overall performance of the submersible pump.

Main characteristics:  

1. Relevant to oil wells with fuel material below 30% with the separation efficiency up to ninety%

2. Carbide bearing is utilised to assist grinding pair 

three. Induce optimization of separation wheel entrance end composition, with large sand resistance

four. Execute anti-corrosion, dress in-resistant spraying of elements. 

RGS variety

By means of the rotating centrifugal power of the inducer, well liquid is separated and flowing outward. The straight vanes further distribute out the liquid outward whilst retaining free of charge gasoline shifting in the middle position and exhausting through the modest holes which locates in the middle of the separator head. The well liquid flows into pump by way of the inclined holes in the separator head. 


Series O.D. Shaft O.D. Size Weight
In/mm In ft m lbs kg
338 3.38/86 .688 two.four .7 30.9 14
400 4.00/101.6 .875 2.four .7 sixty thirty
513 five.thirteen/a hundred thirty.two 1.187 3.six one.1 148 67


Business Information:

Aote ZheJiang Pump Co., Ltd. was recognized in 2004,which is a specialist company specialised in manufacturing, product sales, R&D of ESP and Seawater Submersible Pump Models.
We have setted up six primary sections for ESP producing, which includes lamination stacking, stator winding, motor assembly, pump assembly, protector assembly and separator assembly, protector assembly and separator assembly. So significantly, the once-a-year creation capacity of AOTE has achieved 1150 ESP models. 

Now we can make 23 sequence and 550 technical specs of ESP:
TM375,456,540,562,738series oil-submerged motors
TPR338,four hundred,513,675 collection protector
TS338,400,513 sequence fuel separator
TIN338,four hundred,513,675 sequence intake
TP338,four hundred,513,675 oil-submerged pumps

Our Seawater Submersible Pump Device are in great want for the makes use of of offshore platform fire safety, drinking water injection and cooling.
Customerization and OEM is acceptable.

Get-acquire cooperation is the basis of our business. We hear to our customers’ specifications and provide best remedies appropriately with minimized cost. Ideal quality, rapidly delivery, excellent after sale service are our main values.

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Rotary Gas Separator for Electrical Submersible Pump