PVC Profiles Machine Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Board Profiles Machine Stone Plastic Tile Production Line

PVC Profiles Machine  Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Board Profiles Machine   Stone Plastic Tile Production Line

Item Description

PVC Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles production  line information
one.Raw content combination
4.floor scorching transfer

PVC Mable Panel Generating equipment specifics
1.Uncooked content mixture
3.3 roll development
four.On location filming

Function for PVC Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Board  Profiles

two CZPT-slender and gentle
3.Super use-resistant
4 substantial elasticity and robust anti – influence
six High top quality fire-retardant
seven Water-evidence and humidity-evidence

PVC   Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles generating procedure

1,Uncooked material mixer
Purpose:Mixing all raw supplies with each other by sizzling mixer and  so then can compound effectively,then cooling by the chilly mixer avoid reaction.
Functioning process:CZPT loading feeder–six-10min sizzling mixing–ten-15min cooling
In buy to stay away from pollution, the mixer requirements to be by yourself in a area. In addition, the combined raw materials can be saved in silos, then transported straight from the silo to the extruder.

2,PVC   Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles  extrusion line
Function and doing work procedure:
CZPT loading —-Conical double screw extruder —die mould—calibrator platform cooling—-haul off device—CZPT cutting machine—Productus stacker

Unique layout screw  for PVC powder extrusion,SIEMENS manufacturer motor,CZPT brand name gear box,with computerized loading and feeder

In get to cooling the items well,undertake the cauum pump and h2o pump,two sets h2o tank.All areas speak to with water are manufactured by stainless steell.

The haul off system clamped the items by the rubber block, then the motion of the rubber block pulls the item forward.

CZPT cutting device can CZPT lower the last items at the essential duration .
It has the functions of measuring chopping and accumulative counting.It undertake with the dust collector steer clear of air pollution.

Have and assistance the cutted final product, and then set up neatly.
Produced of stainless metal, the slide rail is geared up with a rubber protecting layer.

3,PVC  Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles mould
We can layout the mildew in accordance your requirments,mould material: 3cr17,the special large-top quality mold steel

4,SWP360 CZPT crusher
The crusher used to recycling the squander items ,then cutting them into little flakes.

five,SMW-five hundred substantial speed PVC Grinding equipment
The higher speed PVC grinding equipment utilised to milling the PVC flakes into powder,so the waste PVC goods can be recycled use.

6,20HP H2o chiller :HANGKANG ANGES  brand name,CZPT compressor
CZPT the recycle water which employed to cooling the items,
so it can increace the creation velocity and get good items surface area.

7,30A CZPT
Offer the air to the mold,cylinder for haul off gadget,cutter,and stacker

CZPT PVC  Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles  making equipment details

PVC  Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles generating machine product


Extruder dimensions

Primary motor energy

Max.item width

Generation capability


SJSZ51/one hundred and five



one hundred twenty-180 kg/h





a hundred and fifty-240 kg/h

one,Primary extruder

Extruder sort: Conical double screw extruder

Design: SJMS 51/one hundred and five or SJMS sixty five/132

Motor: 22Kw / 37kw

feeder: Auto feeding

two,Mold forPVC  Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles

Die head: one set

calibrators: a few parts

Mould heating: a single set four items

h2o tank: one particular piece

3,CZPT and calibranting device

CZPT variety: vacuum cooling and h2o cooling

CZPT equipment size: six meters

drinking water pump: 1 set

vacuum pump: one set

four,Haul off machine 

Double caterpillar: rubber caterpillar

Electrical power: two.2kw

Window glass: moveable

5,Reducing equipment

Cutting power: one.1kw

Chopping by automatical management

Length set as needed, adjustable

Specification and application for PVC  Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Profiles
Uncooked material :
two.calcium carbonate
3.Stabilizer and other chemical additives

30x25mm waistline
40x25mm waistline
50x26mm waistline
60x21mm waistline
80x28mm waistline
100x30mm line
120x33mm line
150x36mm line
180x45mm line
85x40mm waistline
30x16mm waistline
300X15mm skirting baseboard

Marble color (remember to see reference) Ambassador Black
Amber Onyx
Apollo Grey
Arco Iris Onyx
Black Marquina

one.Education and learning system schools, instruction heart, kindergarten
2.CZPT techniques
hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical , sanatorium
3.CZPT programs
searching malls, supermarkets, hotels, leisure middle
four.The sporting activities program
stadiums, action heart
five.Office technique
business office, meeting room
6.CZPT technique
manufacturing unit workshop, warehouse
7.Transportation method
airports, prepare stations, bus stations, docks
eight.Residence technique
family indoor residing space, bedroom, kitchen area, balcony, review

Some other PVC profiles created bu this device
According to overall performance, it can be divided into hard and comfortable. Rigid PVC profiles are mainly utilized in construction, this sort of as making PVC doorways and windows, PVC floors, PVC pipes, and many others. gentle PVC profiles are used for PVC hoses, power transmission cables, and so forth.
PVC profiles added with practical additives have anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, corrosion resistance, high toughness, reduced price, great heat preservation and warmth insulation functionality, can partly substitute aluminum profiles, steel, and so forth., and have reduce pollution than aluminum profiles.

Retelate merchandise

HangZhou CZPT CZPT Macxhinery CO.,LTD is skilled for the Whole WPC manufacturing line with turnkey Venture Service since 1997.We have all the WPC equipment in manufacturing facility inventory and can be examined at anytime.
We have various sort of WPC machines to make diverse WPC products from various raw materials,

1, PVC WPC profile equipment:
Material: 50%PVC+twenty% wood+20% caco3+ CZPT additives.
Solution: WPC doorway frame, WPC wall panel, WPC decoration profiles indoor.
HGMSX series profile creation line can repeatedly produce PVC/WPC profile,this kind of as door and Window, wall panel, skirting and so forth.The generation line consists of extruder, mould, calibrating platform, haul off and reducing device and stacker.The extruder can create PVC and WPC substance profile by changing screw and mould.The calibrating platform adopts two-section structure and adopt double h2o tank, to ensure the steadiness of machine in creation.The haul off and cutting device is one particular human body structure, the advantages of this device are conserving space and substantial precision cutting ,this device also equip with dust collection system.The manufacturing line can optionally equip with PLC.

Product Profile Width Extruder product Motor electrical power Max.extrusion capability Calibrating system size
HGMSC-200 200mm 51/a hundred and five 22kw one hundred-120kg/h 4000mm
HGMSC-300 300mm sixty five/132 37kw one hundred fifty-180kg/h 6000mm
HGMSC-400 400mm sixty five/132 37kw 150-180kg/h 6000mm
HGMSCD-300 600mm sixty five/132 37kw a hundred and fifty-180kg/h 8000mm
HGMSC-600 600mm sixty five/thirteen or eighty/156 37 or 75kw a hundred and fifty-350kg/h 6000mm

2, PVC WPC doorway machine:

Content:fifty% PVC+twenty% wooden+twenty% caco3 +CZPT additives.
Merchandise: Hollow Doorway panel, Cabinet Doorway, and other massive profiles
HGMSM sequence doorway panel generation line can continually produce PVC/WPC doorway panel.The production line is composed of extruder, mould, calibrating platform, Haul off machine, chopping device and stacker.The extruder adopts specially made screw, to make sure the door panel extrude steadily and foam uniformly.Calibrating system adopts one entire body framework with ample content.In scenario of shaking during generation.  Haul off device adopts twin caterpillar structure ,the content of rubber block is silica gel.The haul off pressure is big and the pace is uniformly .Cutting machine adopts noticed blade chopping, geared up with dust collection device.The generation line runs stably and reliably during production.

Model Door panel width Doorway panel thickness Extruder product Motor electricity Max extrusion potential Calibrating mould part
HGMSM-800 800 twenty-50mm SJMS eighty/156 75kw 350-380kg/h two
HGMSM-1000 one thousand twenty-50mm SJMS ninety two/188 110kw 450-500kg/h 3
HGMSM-1200 1200 twenty-50mm SJMS ninety two/188 110kw 450-500kg/h 3

three, PVC WPC board machine:

Material: 60% PVC+ten% wood +20% CaCo3+ CZPT additives.
Item: Strong doorway panel, Furniture board, partition wall panel, decoration sound panel.
SJMSB sequence PVC/WPC foam board manufacturing line can continuously generate PVC WPC foam board.This creation line is composed of extruder, mould, calibrating platform, cooling body, haul off machine, reducing equipment and stacker.The extruder adopts special screw. Calibrating system equip width higher performance cooling calibrator. Haul off equipment adopts equipment transmission to guarantee uniform pace and substantial stabilize.The buyer can also create A+B+A  three levels co-extrusion foam board by adding extruder and distributor .The equipment need to equip with h2o chiller, can increase production efficiency.

Product SJMSB-eighty/156 SJMSB-eighty/173 SJMSB-ninety two/188
Board thickness   5-18mm 3-30mm twenty-40mm
Board width 1220mm 1220mm 1220mm
Max extrusion capacity 350-380kg/h 420-450kg/h 500-550kg/h
Motor energy 75kw 90kw 110kw

four, PP PE WPC granulating machiner

Material: recycled 30% PP/PE+70% wooden powder+chemical additives.
Product: WPC decking, WPC wall cladding, WPC fence, WPC pergola..

SHMS series granulating machine is utilised for generating WPC pellets. The WPC pellets created by WPC granulating machine can employed for generating WPC item using WPC machine.The granulating machine consists of parallel double-screw extruder,water cooling program, a granulator and air conveyor cooling technique.The feeder and hopper are equipped with mixer to prevent the material blocked up.If client do not have strict requirements about the look of pellets, the granulator can be taken off.The pellets extrude by extruder right, then go for crusher. Can boost the creation ability.

Product L/D ratio Max.capacity Motor electrical power Suited materials Max.rotating speed Wooden powder share
SHMS-65 40:one two hundred-220kg/h 75kw Pe+wooden powder 500r/min ≤75%
SHMS-seventy five 40:1 three hundred-350kg/h 90kw Pe+wooden powder 500r/min ≤75%
SHMS-90 forty:one five hundred-600kg/h 132kw Pe+wood powder 500r/min ≤75%

5,PP PE WPC profiles device

HGMSE sequence PP/PE WPC profile production line can repeatedly make PP/PE WPC profile. The WPC profile adopts two -step production procedure. The granulating equipment make WPC pellets employing PP/PE recycled materials, wood powder and auxiliary agent. Then use this manufacturing line generate WPC profile.Clients can choose embossing machine for the production line to achieve 3D pattern functionality.Clients can also make PE WPC one color or double colour co-extrusion profile by adding extruders.The profile produced by this manufacturing line can be sanded and brushed by sanding device and brushing machine.   

Design HGMSE-65 HGMSE-eighty
Extruder design SJMS65/132 SJMS 80/156
Motor power 37kw 75kw
Mac.Extrusion ability 140-160kg/h 220-250kg/h
Co-extruder(Optional) SJ35/28 SJ45/28

Our service
Prior to order
1,CZPT the creation line and auxiliary machine in accordance closing products,and show all technological parameter to purchaser,supply the turnkey venture to customer.
2,Free of charge machine managing when customer go to our factory for top quality inspection .
3, Design the mildew drawing in accordance consumer requirements.
four,Design the device format and h2o and electrical energy layout according buy manufacturing facility.
5,Any technological parameter assist if customer in want.

In generation
1,Verify the mold drawing following obtained the down payment.
2,CZPTt the solution asap and updates the production status every ten times.
3,Verify the water and electricity layout and other add-ons,ensure plant preparations well prior to the machines arrives.
4,Decide raw content preparation in client manufacturing unit.
five,Within 60 doing work days following obtaining the progress payment, the vendor shall notify the purchaser to have out the inspection
6,Set up machine and mould screening to ensure consumer or third celebration inspection fulfillment.
seven,The vendor shall total the packing of the items inside of 15 functioning days following receiving the full payment and be ready to ship.
8,The seller shall notify the consumer of the precise loading time and the buyer shall organize to supervise the scope of the loading.

CZPT in client factory
one,After identifying the date of the device arrived customer’s manufacturing unit, arrange our professional engineer to install and debug the device.
two,What the engineer should to do at the customer’s plant:
two.one Quickly install, debug the machine to typical procedure and guarantee solution great quality products.
2,2 Offer the system for creation.
2.three Instruct personnel how to use and preserve equipment,remedies to everyday problems in generation
2.4Any generation technological assistance for consumer need to have.
3,CZPT help online
  If any difficulties when generation we will reply on the internet asap,inside of 24 hrs to give the solution.
four, Warranty
4.1 Warranty time period: twelve months from the very first day of operation of the device in the customer’s warehouse
 4.2  The seller shall guarantee that services and spare elements are cost-free of charge all through the warranty time period of the products.
4.3Lifetime provider: Right after the twelve-month warranty clause, the vendor ought to give lifelong support for the merchandise sold and give the consumer with the payment for the essential spare elements.


1. Why choose us
We are the first manufacturer in HangZhou to create plastic extruders. We have 22 years of expertise in mechanical production. What we go after is device quality and customer gratification. Please make positive that we have the power to give you with large-high quality equipment and perfect providers.

2. What support do we offer?
Turnkry project services, 24-hour on the internet technological provider.

3. Payment conditions
30% of the total quantity need to be paid by wire transfer as a down payment, and the balance (70% of the whole amount) need to be paid out (at sight) just before the shipping and delivery of the wire transfer or irrevocable letter of credit score

4. Delivery phrases:
four.1 Delivery terms: FOB HangZhou Port.
four.2 Delivery deadline: inside sixty working days after acquiring the advance payment, the seller shall notify the purchaser to inspect. The seller must complete the packaging of the goods in fifteen working times after acquiring the total payment and be all set for cargo.
4.three Loading supervision: The vendor must notify the purchaser of the specific loading time, and the customer must arrange a time for supervision of the loading.

5. Warranty phrases:
five.1 Warranty period of time: twelve months from the first working day of procedure of the device in the customer’s warehouse
5.two The vendor shall ensure that the support and spare parts are cost-free throughout the entire tools guarantee period.
five.three LIFELONG provider: The seller shall supply LIFELONG provider (bought goods) soon after the twelve-thirty day period warranty, and the buyer shall pay for the necessary spare elements.

six. Inspection:
Right after the equipment is accomplished, the vendor should notify the consumer to inspect ahead of delivery, and the vendor ensures that all the goods sold are of great top quality. The vendor does not bear the content value of the machine inspection in the seller’s manufacturing facility. The buyer must arrive to the seller’s manufacturing facility for inspection, or the purchaser can invite any third party to enter the seller’s factory for inspection.

seven. Set up and products debugging:
If the customer needs it, the seller ought to send a staff of professionals to the buyer’s factory for installation and testing, and the buyer ought to release the expertise of the total food/location and bordering traces (plane, food, resort, etc.), and charge the engineer $one hundred /Working day/engineer’s price.


Other goods
one. solitary wall corrugated pipe generating machine (ID four.5mm- OD160mm)

two. double wall corruagted pipe creating equipment  (ID 40mm- OD 300mm)

3. plastic pipe generating machineID 12- OD 400mm) (PP,PE,PVC,PPR)

four.plastic sheet generating machine (thickness=1-8mm) (Ab muscles,HIPS,PP,PE,PMMA,GPPS)

five, CZPT hollow sheet generating machine (1.five -6 mm) (recycled plastic)

six. CZPT recycling granulating device(PP,PE PVC)

7. WPC granulating equipment

8.PVC WPC window profiles,door frames,decking making device

nine,PVC WPC door panel making equipment

10 ,wpc foam board making machine

eleven,PVC ceiling device

12, Auxiliary machine:Crusher,milling equipment,embossing device,sanding machine,brushing device,CNC engraving machine,laminating machine,scorching stamping machine,PVC window processing device, doors making equipment.

About our firm

Our consumer

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Our advantage
A.22 years manufacturer for plastic extruder machines,
B.50 professional engineer 
C,5Q Strict quality control with CE
D.twenty+ years Professional CZPT CZPT Service
E,Cost-free device running
F,Turnkey undertaking support

CZPT is Our Tradition
Because 1997,HangZhou CZPT has been focusing on plastic extrusion equipment .Now have the corrugated pipe machine critical,plastic hollow sheet devices,plastic pipe serious,plastic sheet serious.Our specialist engineer often fully commited to the advancement of equipment good quality

Consumer fulfillment is our pursue
All behaviors will be based mostly on greater and much more considerately conference the wants of client to offer CZPT service.

Turnkey Services Service provider
Let customer encounter a sense of entitle,answer within 24 several hours,resolve issue in forty eight hours.We will perform 24hours*7days for the after-promote service.

Pursuit of CZPT
Devoting to the analysis,advancement and production of a variety of plastic extrusion equipment.It is usually creating innovations and retaining up with the occasions.

Our Primary CZPT

Single wall corrugated pipe machine

Doube wall corrugated pipe machine

PP PE Laptop CZPT corrugated hollow sheet generating device

PVC CZPT window profiles making equipment

PVC WPC doorway body generating machine

PE WPC Profiles producing machine

PVC WPC foam board generating equipment

Wood plastic composite doorways creating equipment


PVC Profiles Machine  Imitation Stone Indoor Skirting Board Profiles Machine   Stone Plastic Tile Production Line