Hydraulic Parts PC200 Gear Pump for Excavator PC320 PC330

Hydraulic Parts PC200 Gear Pump for Excavator PC320 PC330

Fundamental Information

Spot of origin HangZhou,China
Guarantee one yr
Portion identify Equipment pump
Operate for CZPT
Condition one hundred%new,sturdy
Product PC200 PC320 PC330
Packing CZPT plywood,paper or essential
Benefit Factory cost
Support 24 hours on-line
Materials Iron
Unique provider Driopship

Attributes :
1) CZPT uncooked material : all our merchandise utilized substantial good quality uncooked substance
two) Inspection : we make a extremely stringent inspection process
3) Amount : we have about one thousand parts in inventory,can offer you at after
four) Deliver time : we will produce the items within two-three days right after obtained the payment.

Associated Designs

one. CAT Collection :

Excavator variety CZPT pump quantity Rotary motor Journey motor
E60 A10V40    
E70B A10V43 EX60-1HM/SG571 MSF45/GM08
E80 K3SP36C    
E120B/E120 VRD63 SG04  
E180 SPK10-ten    
E200B(Outdated) SPK10-10 SG08 E200BXM
E240 SPK10-10 MX150/M5X130 GM35VL
E240-eight SPV10-10    
E300B A8V5717 M2X150  
E312/E312B K3V63 SG04 E312XM
E312C SBS80 SG04 E312CXM
E200B(NEW) AP12 SG08  
E320/E320V2 AP12 M2X120 MCB172
E320B A8V5717/AP12 M2X120 MCB172
E320C SBS120 M5X130 MCB172
E325/325B A8V5717 M2X150/a hundred and seventy  
E330B/E330 A8V0160 M2X150/170 MCB172
E330C A8V5710 M5X180 DNB50
E307/308 A10V43/AP2D36 MSD-44P-21-14 GM09
E450 K3V180DTH    
E323D SBS140    
E336D   M5X180  

2. KOMATSU/Laptop Sequence

Excavator type CZPT pump variety Rotary motor CZPT motor
PC25/thirty A10V17    
PC40 A10V21/AP2D21   GM06
PC45/fifty five A10V28    
PC60-three/5 HPV35   GM08
PC60-six HPV35    
PC60-7 HPV75   GM09
PC100-3/five HPV55    
PC120-3 HPV55   GM17
PC120-5 HPV55   GM17
PC120-6 HPV95 M2X63 GM18
PC200-one/two KPV90 KMF90  
PC200-3/5 HPV90    
PC200-six/7 HPV95    
PC300-one KPV90    
PC300-3/5 HPV160    
PC300-six HPV132    
PC360-seven HPV175    
PC450 HPV189    
PC130-seven     GM18

three. CZPT(SK) Sequence :

Excavator sort CZPT pump amount Rotary motor CZPT motor
SK03 NVK45    
SK07-N2 K3V112 MX150 SK220-3XM
SK07-1/two NV90/111 M2X150/MX150  
SK09 NV270/137    
SK60 AP2D36/A10V43/NVK45/AP2D25    
SK60-one A10V43    
SK60-two/three AP2D36/A10V43 SG571 GM07
SK60-5 AP2D36/A10V43/NVK45 SG571  
SK60-seven K3SP36C SG02  
SK100-3 K3V63 M2X63  
SK100-5 K3V63BDT    
SK115 K3V63    
SK120-3 K3V63 M2X63  
SK120-five/six K3V63BDT SG02 GM18
SK200 K3V112    
SK200-one/2/three/8 K3V112 M2X150  
SK200-five/6 K3V112BDT M2X120  
SK200-6E K3V112 M5X130  
SK200-7 K3V112 M2X120/M5X130  
SK230-six K3V112 M2X146/SG08  
SK300 K3V180 M2X210  
SK300-2 K3V140    
SK310-400 K3V180    
SK350-eight K5V140 M5X180  
SK320-six K3V112(Regulator with CZPTery valve)    
SK260-8 K3V112    
SK75 PVB-3B-60    
SK135 K5V80 SG04  
SK55 A10V28    

Scorching SALE Merchandise

The Connected Manufacturers We Can Offer you

Make sure you kindly offer me with the certain machine versions or parts No. so that I could quote for you just.
Thank you in advance! Any other inquiries you should truly feel totally free to speak to me!

Our Rewards

one).We are the manufacturing facility positioned in CZPTsu.

two).CZPT and shipping and delivery beneath control.

three).Quick reaction inside 24 hrs.

4).Little get authorized.

five).CZPT packing, neutral packing or CZPT packing.

6).Our value is really aggressive in contrast with other suppliers’.

seven).If you only can source the element No. No dilemma, just ship the portion no. to me, I will give you the right merchandise.We have a good program about portion No.

8).A lot more than ten years of professional manufacture knowledge.

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Hydraulic Parts PC200 Gear Pump for Excavator PC320 PC330