High Quality Laboratory Stirred Jacketed Glass Reactors

High Quality Laboratory Stirred Jacketed Glass Reactors

Large CZPT CZPT Stirred Jacketed Glass Reactors

KQS series Jacketed glass reactor is utilized in pharmaceutical and chemical substances as well as Study institute, it is requisite resource for distillation and reflux,and so forth.
Now we can manufacture 1L jacketed glass reactor to max capacity 200L jacketed glass reactor,
From 10L to 200L’s Jacketed glass reactor, its construction is “nicely (#)”Body, thanks to it is large capability jacketed vessel, so we want to get regular quitely in the structure, and need to have larger energy AC motor with frequency converter, no brush, not spark,reduced sounds,excellent elimination-heating,and many others. According to various torque to get realistic stirring, to attain the greatest powerful of evaporation.
Now we will advocate our Attributes and specs of 10L to 100L’s Jacketed Glass Reactor: 
one. It is with CZPT 304 stainless metal, it can resist acid and alkali.
2. Jacketed vessel is with content large borosilicate glass, can attain to max temperature 300degree, min temperature -80degree(examined by technician), but we require to explain that we only recommend to use max temperature 250degree, since of it has PTFE valve and PTFE sealing,and so forth.
three. Bottom Discharging valve: it has two sorts respective for facet discharging and non- side discharging valve(straight down discharging), the side discharging valve is straightforward to link with other afiliated products(for example the yet another reactor with identical operate, or acquiring samples simply,and so forth)as for non-facet discharging valve, it is with exact same perform with aspect discharging valve, and with 100% PTFE material.
4. Jacketed Vessel, the interior wall is 6mm,the outer wall is 8mm. The lively stress is with .2Mpa(about 2KGS),the damaging pressure is with -.098Mpa, the inner wall was linked with outer wall by substantial temperature,no defective, no blowhole(our technician needs to do take a look at experiment excluding faulty).
five. Reactor Lid it has CZPT five necks: the center is the stirring port with flange,the stirring sealing is PTFE sleeve with bearing, and with a mechanical spring tapersleeve, it can be held in good sealing situation when it is carrying out stirring response. The remaining is the dropping funnel with 2L(optional:5L dropping funnel),the proper is condenser with glass bend with collecting flask .25L or 500ml) (Observe:20L and 30L’s reactor, we can equip 10L or 20L ‘s gathering flask apart from of .25L or 500ml’s glass bend accumulating flask 50L,100L and 150L’s reactor, we will equip CZPT 10L or 20L or larger ‘s collecting flask), the rear is multi-purpose port(air inlet or charging perform or outgassing or vaccum providing).the front is the temperature port with glass thermowell. According to buyer request, even now we can insert a massive charging port with 50mm(PTFE include retains seal).
6. The motor is no brush,and no spark,reduced noise,adjustable velocity of frequency converter(optional:ex-proof motor). And the controller has speed and temperature’s show.

CZPT knowledge:

Type KQS-20L KQS–30L KQS–50L KQS–80L KQS–100L KQS–150L
Vacuum degree(Mpa) -.098
Reaction flask(L) twenty thirty fifty 80 one hundred 150
Rotation speed(Rpm) -720 -500
Stirring shaft diameter(mm) ten 12
Motor power(W) 180 370
Voltage(V) 220/50
Measurement(CM) 80x50x210 82x60x240 84x62x250 85x65x270 88x65x280 98x75x380

Package deal and transport:

Company’s name:
HangZhou Kingqi CZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. Is specialised in R & D, production, revenue, training and chemical biology pharmacy equipment built-in company. Firm tenet: Keeping popularity, valuing contracts, providing lower prices and greater good quality equipments to serve the trigger of China’s scientific study. 

The organization constantly adheres to the “good quality casting model, skilled achieves support” business philosophy, and the principal goods are rotary evaporator, jacketed glass reactor, ultrasonic processor(homoegenizer), ultrasonic cleaner, freeze dryer, drinking water/oil tub, magnetic heating stirrer, overhead mixer, molecular distillation technique, diaphragm pump, spectrophotometer, stainless metal filter, etc. Apart from, we act as agents of some domestic and foreign CZPT organization merchandise, sustaining substantial praise in domestic junior faculties and universities, scientific analysis models, and many others. Our items are bought to United states, Australia, Asia, Brazil, Iran, Egypt and many others. Countries and our consumers have been entirely affirmation.


Guarantee Support:

From the day of acceptance, we can give twelve months top quality assure, all the upkeep charges and accessories areas fees are totally free in the date of quality guarantee (spare and accessories areas charges from instrument faults by human aspects will be charged correct charges).

Following the day of top quality guarantee, we will in charge of preserve instrument, and cost correct fees in accordance to real maintenance expenses.

High Quality Laboratory Stirred Jacketed Glass Reactors