Gjb1000-25 High Pressure Laminate Homogenizer Parts

Gjb1000-25 High Pressure Laminate Homogenizer Parts

GJB1000-25 Substantial Pressure Laminate Homogenizer Areas

Solution Specs:

Title small homogenizer
type GJB1000-twenty five
Rated circulation(l/h) a thousand
Rated stress(MPa) twenty five
Operating force(MPa) -20
Fat ( kg) 700
Size (cm) 100X75X110
Power (Kw) 7.5 

Description :
Pressure by way of an adjustable present-limiting gap method, the development of decline of strain enlargement, explosion, shear, merged influence of higher-velocity collision, the particles and liquid droplets shatter into really modest size, even though producing an perfect answer or dispersion of emulsion.  Product balance, consistency, blended, and effortless absorption, nutritional price, shelf lifestyle, taste, coloration, security pursuits are realized in the homogeneous process.

It is commonly used in meals, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, wonderful chemicals and bio-technologies and other fields of generation, scientific analysis and technological growth.
1)For milk,soybean milk,could make unwanted fat globule slim observably,make it straightforward to assimilate.It is great to enhance the edible value.
two)For ice cream,make the liquid good and loosen and increase internal high quality.
three)For emulsion,colloid,juice,serosity,could avoid and lessen the separated levels of liquid substance,enhance the appearance of liquid materials,and make it equivalent coloury liquid.
four)As transportation pump usage
It will arrive into large pressure by our machine.Powder will be created by dryness products.Our equipment is critical approach of manufactorying powder.

one)Minimal sounds:Sounds of transmission is reduced than noise of motor. The pointer of strain meter is regular, and also the assortment of swing of pointer is less than 2M Pa.
2)Smashing granularity is amongst .1 micron to .two micron, and their common size≤1 micron.
three)CZPT materials can operate below significantly less than one hundred fiftyºC, and the elements touching substance is made of stainless steel which can remain up to the acid and alkali. All of valves and plungers are produced of unique substance, so they are sturdy and inexpensive. The bearing is also resilient because it is created of specific alloy material, which is the a lot more friction, the far more hardness.
four)CZPT of  homogenizers is credible, and it only want changing oil the 1st time when work 800 hours to a thousand hrs, because then it need to be modified oil per year afterwards
5)The higher the pressure the finer the materials the a lot more uniform particle size, 30MPA the pursuing types, largely for liquid – liquid emulsification. Stress of 30MPA earlier mentioned, on the liquid – strong dispersion of liquid into engage in when the stress most of the material up to 60MPA get to 2μm particle dimensions less than when the content reaches 80MPA more clear when the part is largely utilized for ultrafine particles broken CZPT to accomplish the subsequent common 1μm. As to 100MPA over, can be produced far more subtle particles, some of the material particles right after recurring higher stress homogenization, .1-.5μm can be well prepared the following no-grain components.

twelve months



Gjb1000-25 High Pressure Laminate Homogenizer Parts