Double Piston Continuous Screen Changer with Elongated Screen for Plastic Extruder

Double Piston Continuous Screen Changer with Elongated Screen for Plastic Extruder

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Item Description
Twin bolts constant monitor changer with elongated monitor pack for extrusion equipment
In purchase to enlarge the filtration area of the display screen changer, GMACH  design this GM-DP-E collection constant monitor changer with enlongated display  pack, you can assess the breaker plate of this sort and the GM-DP-R series round breaker plate
Characteristics of this variety of GM-DP-E series of   dual bolts continuous screen changer with elongated monitor pack for extrusion device
Two elongated /oval  removable breaker plates on every single bearing piston
“Continuous variety” implies procedure of display screen adjust without having machine halt or disruption of melt movement.
Equipped with three measures of gas venting technique
In shape for nearly all varieties of polymers
Adaptable installation techniques
It works nicely below the large pressure 400bar(40Mpa) not affect the substantial performance.
The filtration screen area addresses from 56cm² to 520cm², based on the measurement, fit for output assortment from 30kg/h to 1800kg/h.
display screen alter method
The screen changer and fuel venting method of this variety of   Twin column continuous monitor changer with enlarge enlongated monitor pack
one particular rod is pushed out by hydraulically
the blocked filter display screen pack is eliminated and replaced by a clean a single
the rod is pushed into the housing of the display screen changer
the other rods repeat the previously mentioned actions
The gas venting systen begins to function when the rod is pushed into the housing of the display screen changer, and the adhering to photo show the approach of gas venting of this variety of dual rods ongoing extrusion screen changer for polymer soften filtration.
Merchandise demonstrate
Dual column steady screen changer with enlarge enlongated display screen pack

Benifits of GM-DP-R series  twin column steady display screen changer with enlarge enlongated monitor pack
constant operation
Discharge the gasoline blended in the polymer melt by the venting groove
Leak-free of charge mold of procedure
CZPT design adapters
Flexible set up ways to full use of the constrained room
Merely controll by a effortless operated control handle
Sensible price and proved engineering
Examine with the GM-DP-R series twin bolts ongoing monitor changer, the identical mode of this two monitor changer,this GM-DP-E sequence monitor changer with larger energetic filtration region

Primary application fields
Cast film (Bubble pack/ CZPT/Food Wrap)
Sheet (Foam/Strapping/CZPT cardboard)
Coating (Hot melt adhesive)
Pipe ( Corrugated/Gas Pipe) and profile
Compounding (Master batch/filler)
Wire and cable extrusion
Tubing (CZPT/CZPT/Irrigation)
Fibers ( Monofilament/non-woven materials)
Pelletizing (strands and water-ring pelletizing)
Recycling of most polymers
Optional option
assist stands
down stream equipments: suach as CZPT melt gear pump
filter mesh/monitor
vacuum cleansing furnace




Overall &dimension

Heating power


  W*L(mm) CZPT area(cm²) L W H L1    
GM-DP-E-80 sixty*ninety five   180 a hundred and seventy 280 seven hundred 2.4/3.two thirty-one hundred eighty
GM-DP-E-a hundred eighty*128   220 two hundred 320 810 3.5/ eighty-280
GM-DP-E-one hundred twenty a hundred*one hundred sixty   250 220 360 970 five./seven.two 220-480
GM-DP-E-155 a hundred thirty*208   320 270 450 1100 8.2/ three hundred-seven hundred
GM-DP-E-one hundred seventy one hundred forty five*230   370 310 480 1320 nine.four/twelve.7 four hundred-1100
GM-DP-E-195 a hundred sixty five*253   400 380 550 1470 10.two/13.eight 650-1500
GM-DP-E-220 a hundred and eighty*286   440 410 590 1620 thirteen/17.five 800-1800
Remark:The output rates depend on the individual extrusion process parameters.

Interior packing: bubble wrap movie defense
outer packing:wood situation
Our support
We provide the operation manual for customers to gudie to install the screen changer, and at the requirement of user, salers should send technician to install and commissioning the die at site of Buyers, expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers.
Right after-sales service
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Ideas for customers
How to select a most ideal type of screen changer for your extrusion line ?
Following the tools provider producing a dimensions suggestion and then you should carry out your possess examination to verify suitable sizing. That way, you will have the edge of impartial analyses and, very best of all, there is no added cost.
Learn the difference in between cost and value. Be certain to take into consideration all of the variables and look at all the variables to decide the true value of possession for the screen changer. Some of the concealed variables to think about might be:
Solution top quality.
Maintenance, time and value of parts.
Procedure downtime and expense.
Lifestyle expectancy for the products and amortized value of possession.
Cost and availability of filtration media.
Force decline and influence on line output and product high quality.
Operator protection.
Required operator intervention and labor cost.
If all of these and other variables are taken into thought, you can pick the most appropriate answer, and then you can count on a a lot greater return on expense.

Double Piston Continuous Screen Changer with Elongated Screen for Plastic Extruder