Dereike High High Impact Nozzle Knives for Direct Drying 300-2000mm

Dereike High High Impact Nozzle Knives for Direct Drying 300-2000mm

DEREIKE large velocity substantial effect nozzle knives for immediate drying EA-38-S1

DEREIKE Air Knife Systems are engineered, manufactured and examined to give ninety nine.9% of liquid, dust, and particles removal from products prior to labeling, ink jet laser coating, packaging, or other CZPTary operations utilizing a high velocity, substantial influence air stream.

DEREIKE Air knives are offered in extruded aluminum or stainless metal with lengths from 2″ to 196″ with an adjustable hole for better air stream handle. We supply nozzle knives for immediate drying, air wipes to match your extrusion profile and wire, and food grade air knives which are USDA and  compliant. In property engineering skills allows us to give a heat source for your high temperature apps or cold air methods to amazing the parts. Custom air knife designs are available to satisfy your specific requirements.

The breadth of our gear enables us to engineer and manufacture the further components essential to total your method such as the DEREIKE Centrifugal Blower, butterfly valves to supply the appropriate force and air stream as required, air knife brackets, elbows, Y-branches, and manifolds.

Air Knife Working Principle

An air knife is a pressurized air plenum with a uniform ongoing gap which pressurized air exits in a laminar circulation sample. The exiting air velocity produces an effect air velocity right on to the area of the solution to shear away humidity or particulates with no mechanical contact. This affect air velocity can range from a gentle breeze to greater than forty,000 feet for every moment.

DEREIKE Air Knife Advantages
Minimal strength intake
Dry, thoroughly clean, oil-free air stream
CZPTed blower inlet to stop particle contamination
Safe, low strain
Enhanced manufacturing speeds and output for a quick payback
Reduced audio levels when in comparison to compressed air nozzle or round tube style

Accessible Possibilities

Aluminum or stainless metal building
Particular inlets offered such as leading, side, dual, and extended
Customized designs accessible
USDA and  compliant meals grade designs obtainable
Continuous air slot across the total length with adjustable gap measurements

Advantages of DEREIKE Centrifugal Air vs. Compressed Air

Compressed air is extremely inefficient and very pricey for drying purposes. The horsepower needed to generate the circulation needed to accomplish some success in these kinds of applications consumes an exorbitant sum of vitality. Take into account a compressor air technique utilized to dry item on a 36″ duration span of conveyor. Running 24/seven, this program will price in excess of $one,434 for every week to operate. However, using a Republic Air Knife Technique charges only a little more than $104 for every 7 days to operate.

Not only is the DEREIKE Air Knife Program much more successful to operate than the compressed air system, but the final results will be a lot a lot more remarkable with drier and cleaner merchandise.



To increase air drying, blow off, or air rinsing, DEREIKE engineers the air delivery gadgets based mostly on the specifications of the concentrate on. Following, the blower is sized to make certain efficiency and efficiency.


DEREIKE engineers offer skilled specialized services prior to, throughout and right after set up. DEREIKE provider components extend the daily life of the blower and reduce maintenance.


Only DEREIKE Blowers carry a full 2 year warranty. DEREIKE’s exceptional design and workmanship maximize trustworthiness.

Performance Ensure

DEREIKE CZPT gives a 100% Efficiency Ensure for any DEREIKE Air Supply Method made, assembled, balanced and accredited by DEREIKE for drying and blow off apps.

Vitality Productive

As considerably as 80% considerably less vitality than compressed air drying and blow off and up to fifty% much less power than other blowers, DEREIKE Air Methods are very productive while supplying outstanding drying, blow off and air rinsing.

Q1 How long is the blower daily life?
A1 3-5 several years in normal situation.
Q2 How extended is the warranty interval for the blower?
A2 18months free of charge warranty time period, and a lifetime routine maintenance.
Q3 Can the blower be CZPT?
A3 Standard Blowers are CZPT elements, but the voltage CZPT. And blower can be specific therapy in accordance to customer particular requirement. Also the IE2/IE3 CZPT blower is available.
This fall How do you handle the product’s top quality?
A4 All the products have high quality testing and dynamic equilibrium just before shipping and delivery by Our professional QC.
Q5 How prolonged of the loading time?
A5 5-7 times after order verified and receiving of deposit.
Q6 What is the features of the blower?
A6 DEREIKE Substantial velocity Centrifugal Blower features:

Volume: 200-1600 CFM
Force: 30-150″ H20 (one-6 psig)
CZPT Method: Belt-CZPTn
Motor: three-Period, 480/230v, 50/60Hz,three to 25 HP obtainable
Highest Efficiency – No other industrial blower can match
Greatest Overall performance – Outperforms any industrial blower of  equal motor size and comparable movement range.
Greatest Durability – Outlasts any similarly sized blower. 2-12 months warranty.
Belt Lifestyle: 8,000 hours (1 yr at 24/seven procedure)
Bearing Existence: up to 80,000 hours (10 many years at 24/seven procedure)


Dereike High High Impact Nozzle Knives for Direct Drying 300-2000mm