Daily Chemical Gear Metering Pump

Daily Chemical Gear Metering Pump

                 C sequence stainless pump

Adpot the stainless steel materials to meet the higher CZPTs of chemical and food industry. With the specially reliable composition, gear pump has long usability and superb trustworthiness. Software of corrosion resistant substance, make the series gear pump has a wide range of programs, from the very sensitive substances to the corrosion of strong acid.


  1. gear and shaft substance through strict and solid melting processing, lattice and chemical components evenly.
  2. Excellent fluid compatibility.
  3. Exceptional corrosion resistance potential.
  4. Several seal to choose.

Pump information
Material: 304,314,316L,440C Alloy stainless steel
Stealing: single and double mechanical seal, packing steal 
Set up: motor installation
Stress: one-70 bar (dependent on viscosity)
Viscosity: up to 10000Cps
Temperature: -eighteen-200ºC (describe it before selection if the temperature is more than 90ºC)

Standard application

  1. CZPT and foodstuff industry: deionized h2o, sodium hydroxide hydroxide, vegetable oil, grease, phospholipids, protein electricity, spices
  2. CZPT chemical sector: alkyl benzene, olefins and liquor, alkyl sulfonate, alkenyl sulphonate, emulsion, essence
  3. The tobacco industry: glue, essence
  4. Textile printing and dyeing market: indigo blue and sulphur black, hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydroxide, softening agent, colorant, dye
  5. Fiber business: polymer ,pigment, resin, oil, DMAC, DMA 
  6. Casting sector: natural ester curing agent, phenolic resin, methenamine

Functionality parameter desk

variety Single rotation displacement(cc/rev) Rated flow fee at highest pace(L/min) Maximum pace
Inlet/outlet dimension
CS55 .55 .8 1500 G1/four”
CS79 .seventy nine one.1 1500 G3/eight”
CS110 1.10 1.six 1500 G3/eight”
CS158 one.58 two.3 1500 G1/2″
CS253 2.53 3.7 1500 G1/2″
CS348 three.forty eight five.two 1500 G1/2″
CS475 four.seventy five seven. 1500 G1/2″
CS712 7.twelve 10.six 1500 G1/two”
CS950 nine.fifty 14. 1500 G1/two”
CM142 fourteen.2 21. 1500 G1/two”
CM214 21.four 32. 1500 G3/4”
CM320 32. 48. 1500 G1″
CM481 forty eight.1 forty seven. 980 G1″
CM600 60. 58. 980 G1 1/4″
CM800 eighty. seventy eight. 980 G1 1/four”
CL108 108. 105. 980 G1 one/two”
CL160 one hundred sixty. one hundred fifteen. 720 Flangeφ50
CL240 240. 172. 720 Flangeφ50

Notice: The over parameters are measured when the pressure is 0 bar

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Daily Chemical Gear Metering Pump