Cam Rotor Gear Metering Pump

Cam Rotor Gear Metering Pump

Rotor pumps are optimistic displacement pumps. It relies on the periodic conversion of numerous mounted volume shipping and delivery models in the operating chamber to achieve the function of offering fluid. The mechanical vitality of the motor is right transformed into the pressure energy of the conveying fluid by the pump. The stream price of the pump depends only on the change value of the operating chamber quantity and its frequency of adjust for each device time, and (in theory) has absolutely nothing to do with the discharge strain the rotor pump is in the doing work approach In reality, it is through a pair of synchronously rotating rotors.

1. Installation of coupling
When putting in the coupling, it have to be pressed into the transmission shaft with a specific instrument by way of the threaded gap at the end of the transmission shaft. The hammer are not able to be utilised to strike the coupling.

two. Direction of rotation
The path of rotation of the pump is indicated on the label, and the route of rotation of the pump determines the conveying direction of the medium. If you require to alter course, you should get the consent of the company or provider.

3. pressure
The force of the pump has been tested and marked on the nameplate prior to the pump leaves the manufacturing facility. The person have to consider the adaptation of the strain of the pump to the surrounding accessory technique when selecting the pump.

efficiency parameter table 

Variety Solitary displacement(cc/rev) Max circulation(L/min) Max pace(RPM) Inlet/outlet dimension
DS158 one.fifty eight one.five 980 G1/two
DS253 2.fifty three two.4 980 G1/two
DS348 three.forty eight three.4 980 G1/2
DS475 4.seventy five 4.six 980 G1/two
DS712 7.12 6.nine 980 G1/two
DS950 9.50 nine.three 980 G1/two

Type One displacement(cc/rev) Max flow(L/min) Max pace(RPM) Inlet/outlet dimension
DL108 108. one hundred and five. 980 G1 1/two
DL160 one hundred sixty. 115. 720 Flange DN50
DL200 two hundred. one hundred forty four. 720 Flange DN50
DL240 240. 172. 720 Flange DN50

Cam Rotor Gear Metering Pump